5 June 2017

The new Land Rover Discovery is an amazing car. But is it the best off-roader, er, off-road?

We've come to an abandoned quarry and brought five 4x4 rivals to take on the new Land Rover.

They're the original off-roader, the Jeep Wrangler. Is the original still the best? They're joined by a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, an Isuzu D-Max with Arctic Truck accessories, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and our wildcard, the Dacia Duster.

All of these cars is on tyres offered as original equipment by their manufacturer, but to try and negate differences highlighted by tyres alone, we've picked a series of tests on a dry day that should challenge the hardware of the car itself, not the tyres its wearing.

Click here to read more about our test - 4x4 heroes: the best off-roaders compared

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NataliEaton 20 June 2018



Toby 10 June 2017


Since when are SUV's comparable to 4x4
Audi and Volvo aren't 4x4 therefore shouldn't be compared with landrover
Carmad3 7 June 2017


Land Rovers have been shown to be very unreliable in everyday use. Give me the Toyota every time