5 June 2017

The new Land Rover Discovery is an amazing car. But is it the best off-roader, er, off-road?

We've come to an abandoned quarry and brought five 4x4 rivals to take on the new Land Rover.

They're the original off-roader, the Jeep Wrangler. Is the original still the best? They're joined by a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, an Isuzu D-Max with Arctic Truck accessories, a Toyota Land Cruiser, and our wildcard, the Dacia Duster.

All of these cars is on tyres offered as original equipment by their manufacturer, but to try and negate differences highlighted by tyres alone, we've picked a series of tests on a dry day that should challenge the hardware of the car itself, not the tyres its wearing.

Click here to read more about our test - 4x4 heroes: the best off-roaders compared

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5 June 2017
Completely biassed in favour of a JLR product again. The Discovery was always going to win th.....wait. What? The Discovery didn't win? Surely the trolls here haven't had it wrong for so many years? Autocar couldn't possibly be a neutral publication nor could JLR products actually be quite good!

7 June 2017
The panda 4x4 thrashed a Defender in a 5th gear video. It could skate over the muddy ground whilst the Defender bogged down

8 June 2017
Hardly surprising since Defenders only have 2-wheel drive ... [so I just wait for all those people who don't know what they're talking about saying 'RUBBISH, Defenders have 4-wheel drive: oh Yes? Are you SURE?]

5 June 2017
As we know, 98% of all SUVs sold don't ever go off road so why is the Jeep Wrangler the best 4x4 when it was only tested off road only? For a complete test, they should have tested cars for on road manners and practicality.

11 June 2017
Do you want off-roader good at off-roading, or do you want off-roader primarily good at roading. If you never or very rarely go off the road, clearly a soft off-roader is your vehicle of choice, primarily focusing on - on road comfort and handling. While vehicles that are very good in those respects, tend not to be the most effective or efficient, when it comes to actual off-roading. So the important question, is really about; do you actually do off-roading with frequency, and how tough or good at off-roading does your vehicle need to be, and not the least - how large compromise in on-road manners and comfort are you willing to live with, in order to have the most effective off-roading vehicle you can afford?

6 June 2017
Where's the proper Land Cruiser?

6 June 2017
If anyone takes their expensive 4x4 off-road it's onto a wet and muddy field and it's always the tyres that get them into trouble. making this test utterly pointless.

6 June 2017
If only that were where all owners of jeeps like this bunch kept them. In muddy quarries or up the sides of mountains, where they belong. Instead of wallowing about the roads, refusing to stop in passing places, driving up footpaths then expecting pedestrians to go onto the grass out of their way, parking astride marked spaces, etc. Jeep drivers show such lack of consideration far more often than those of any other vehicle types.

6 June 2017
Well I enjoyed Matt's video and completely understand the fun he had driving off-road without the need for high speeds and ferocious cornering. But each to their own and there's no need to stereotype all 4x4 drivers as irresponsible idiots with no regard for good manners and courtesy. What a drab world it would be if only one type or style of vehicle was allowed on our roads.

7 June 2017
Land Rovers have been shown to be very unreliable in everyday use. Give me the Toyota every time


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