20 February 2017

We review the new Land Rover Discovery, the latest large SUV from Land Rover. It's lighter, cleaner, faster and more efficient than any other before it: and it looks radically different from previous-generation Discoverys, too.

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In this Land Rover Discovery review, we find out if the changes keep the Discovery at the top of the SUV pile, or whether cars like the Volvo XC90, BMW X5 and Audi Q7 will give it a hard time.

The Range Rover Velar has been revealed. Click here to view it.

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20 February 2017
A couple of weeks ago I watched a test of the new Q5. That too was tested in the desert, although to be fair it is actually made in Mexico. I shall keep both vehicles in mind should I found myself driving around Arizona again. For the UK I'm thinking of a recent Disco 4: the last car made by JLR with a hope of going off-road in the UK and coming back without help from a tractor.

20 February 2017
Asinine generalisation; contribute something useful and grow up.

21 February 2017
Overlooking your childish rudeness for a moment. I used to own an L320; I got stuck on the edge of a field and needed the Keeper to tow me out with his 110. Returning to your rudeness, you really shouldn't type anything you wouldn't say in a pub and take my word for it, you wouldn't.

20 February 2017
I saw one on the road in Kent yesterday. It just looks completely unremarkable. Normally I get a real sense of excitement seeing a new Land Rover for the first time. With this new Discovery I just felt nothing.

20 February 2017
paddyb Are you sure it wasn't a Discovery 'Sport'? They look so similar and have the same engine; only the depreciation sets them apart.

20 February 2017
James Dene, I'm afraid it was the 'full' Discovery. Very disappointing, although maybe it just takes some getting used to. I don't like the green Land Rover badges on the sides of the car either, there's something a bit pretentious about that. It should be unnecessary. I never liked them on the Freelander either. For me the Discovery 3 was the pinnacle of the line, in terms of style and ruggedness.

20 February 2017
I always thought that the previous Disco was an appealingly purposeful vehicle that looked like a building on wheels, in a good way; a handsome structure you wanted to go in.This looks like any other generic SUV that may be highly competent but has nothing attractive about it, nothing that makes me want to explore it, or try it enjoy discovering its capabilities. It looks duller than any LR product I can remember seeing. It's left me very disappointed.

20 February 2017
Matt Prior, like most car magazine journalists, is understandably impressed with the dynamics and quality of the new Discovery. Even he, however, seems less than enthusiastic about the styling. For years now, it has been clear that JLR is pursuing a policy of moving upmarket with a range of similarly styled SUV's that retain excellent off-road capabilities, and appeal to as many people as possible. This approach seems highly profitable, but it is steadily alienating many of us who value tough 4x4's that are sensibly priced and where traditional squared off styling - form follows function - is a virtue. I just hope they don't completely abandon their roots, and that the forthcoming Defender replacement retains closer links to their heritage.

20 February 2017
In the 2017 massive steering wheel of the year competition.

20 February 2017
Once of the main stupidities of making all your products look the same is that you speed up the process of customer indifference, and then boredom, with the entire range. Who looks twice at a Range Rover now? It is beyond comprehension that Land Rover cannot sell me a rugged, work orientated vehicle with an appetite for mud and straw inside and out. I thought simple trucks were the cash cows of the US car industry? Doesn't Toyota make a profit selling the Hilux? I'm not at all surprised that Ineos see a gaping hole to easily fill with a fake Land Rover.


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