13 March 2013

After winning our on-road head-to-head test, can the Range Rover's incredible off-road ability slay the supercar-rivalling Porsche Cayenne Turbo? Sutcliffe heads off road to find out.


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madmac 22 March 2013


This is as many have said a totally ridiculous and biased opinion.When I lived in Saudi Arabia for 10 years I owned a LR Discovery and a M-B ML.Both were completely different cars,as these are, LR terrible on road but great off,M-B the opposite. The proper opponent should have been a G Wagon and it would have been a contest.The previous gen Cayenne Trans Siberia would also have been a good choice as it had a proper low ratio ,unlike the new Cayennes.

Both these are of little interest to the common man in the street as they are too big and expensive.I do not know of any farmers in Scotland who have anything less than a Defender for this sort of thing.


drogo 20 March 2013

Lack of car operation.

Yeh he did try and compare chalk and cheese. With a RR bias.

Even worse he did not know how to work the RR off road features. The All terrain has an "auto" select, the RR automatically detects how slippers the ground is and changes the engine mapping , suspension, gear selection etc accordingly. He over rode this.

Then in manual settings he looks at the grassy field and says "grass, gravel snow", no, " mud and ruts" err yes this one.

If he had selected the GRASS gravel snow function, the RR would have climbed the grassy hill without the sideways fuss.

Poor video, poor  driver knowledge and poor offroad driving skill.



Cobnapint 18 March 2013

If the Porsche had been

If the Porsche had been running on tyres with more sidewall, ie 19" or 20" wheels then it might have had more of a chance.

It was also forced to contend with the shiny, muddy ruts left by the RR at the start of it's first run and then went like a rocket once it met the fresh surface.

On the second run the RR had less mud to traverse before meeting the grass, and unless my eyes deceive me, the Porsche's side of the gradient looked 'slightly' steeper, which makes all the difference on a surface like that.

And for a supposedly superior off-road vehicle the RR spent most of it's journey going up the hill looking like it was in some kind of hurricane force side wind.