29 April 2014

A £650,000 supercar can so often feel too scary and edgy to drive at ten tenths. Not the Porsche 918 Spyder though. Most people could get most of what this car can do out if it. And some people will get closer to the edge than ever before. The McLaren P1 and LaFerrari will need to be very special indeed, freaks even, to deliver a wider range of abilities than this.

One thing is for sure, the battle between the Porsche 918 Spyder, LaFerrari and McLaren P1 is going to be one hell of a fight.

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GeToD 4 March 2014

Why the new date?

Gentlemen, I love your videos and Steve's in depth commentary. Why is this video dated March 2 when it is 13 weeks old?
Law007 8 December 2013

P1 Perfect

While I do respect Porsche a huge amount for what they have done, I am not sure Steve is right in saying the P1 and LaFerrari will need to be freaks to have a wider range of abilities. Ok so the Ferrari cannot run purely on electric power, so to me that rules it out as I do believe that is the way forward for cars like this as more and more places ban petrol cars, so a trip into the city will be out the question in the LaEgo. However why does the Porsche have so many settings, lets face it your either want to be in Emode, Cruise mode or simply "on it". How many people want to be sort of on it but not quite, or sort of cruising but a little bit on it. This is why the P1 will be the perfect blend of the 2 others as it can run on electric alone, ok maybe for not as far as the 918 but hey it weighs 300kg less, has less settings 'as they are pointless' and has pretty much the same performance as the Lacheesy name which is more than the 918. So P1 indeed.
bezor Ta 2 December 2013

Where can they go next? LaFerrari

It's already here, the next better car, LaFerrari. It's once again like the F40 vs 959. Where Porsche tries with almost too much technology Ferrari once again beats Porsche with pure driving performance. The 918 is a great sports car, just like the P1. Pity both are coming at the same time as LaFerrari which will put them both as number 2. And a super car is not supposed to be an all rounder. It's never the intend of a super car. It's supposed to go fast and look like a super car. That is why MP4-12C lost to 458 for not having the looks or driving engagement the 458 had in abundance. Having a sober design is not something positive in the class of super cars. And we already know both P1 and LaFerrari have better performance than 918.