18 June 2013

According to Mercedes, the CLA45 AMG has the same performance as the mighty Mercedes A45 AMG. But, as Steve Sutcliffe discovers in this video road test, there's a little something missing - especially given the asking price. Watch on to find out more, or for a full review and pictures click here.

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dcooper123 13 August 2013

I am going to share this info

I am going to share this info with some of my best friends, that way we could talk for hours about this subject.

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Biter 24 June 2013

Price is subjective

I don't really understand this "41k for an A class is too much" train of thinking. Surely it's material cost and size are similar to say a pre 08 M3. The sum of its parts, performance and driving experience is what justifies the price IMO. Otherwise you are just looking at a £10 boot badge and making a very unwise conclusion on its worth. 

jer 24 June 2013

Its similar to Jetta vs Golf

Saloon vs hatch. I'd d save money and buy the A. Suppose Sain) and in the US they take the Jetta / CLA. I prefer the A style but there a lot of more exotic stuff nearly new for this price.