17 May 2013

Can a 1750kg off-roader keep up with a 520kg track toy around a tight handling circuit? Steve Sutcliffe and Matt Prior pitch a 550bhp Bowler EXR S against a 140bhp Caterham Seven Supersport, in a clash of the opposites, to find out.

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danieldave2005 7 June 2013

Great Fun

Irrespective of any negative comments all I can say what a fun day job Steve Sutcliffe has!!!!! It must have been a hoot trying to chase the Caterham around that track in the Bowler

Hatchoo 28 May 2013

The strange thing about this video

Is that the Caterham WAS quicker than the Bowler. How disappointing for everyone! After all that build up the test only really proves that Steve Sutcliffe is quicker than Matt Prior...something I think we all knew anyway. 


trebor5 25 May 2013

Another pointless comparison

A super focused paris dakar based 4X4 with an amazing power to weight ratio against a 140 BHP caterham road car, give me a brake. The Bowler is 3 times the weight but has four wheel drive and 47 more HP/tonne, put up against an R300 and then see if it can keep up. I think not some how and you'll still have £120,000 in the bank.