10 April 2013

It might sound like fun to reach for the ESP button. But as Steve Sutcliffe finds out, even on a stable, four-wheel drive supercar like the 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo, it's possible for things to go very wrong at moderate speeds.

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TBC 11 May 2013

Real world

For fairly obvious reasons, this test was carried out on a very wide stretch of tarmac, where the driver was a) skilled in handling the car in question (meaning that Steve has probably driven more miles in a Gallardo than most owners ever will) b) was fully aware of when he would have to make the 'emergency' maneuver (meaning it wasn't a surprise) and c) had the opportunity to repeat the maneuver more than once.


The result is that Steve is alive and has a fully functioning body, whereas most normal drivers in that situation, with the ESP turned off, would be lucky to walk away without a scratch. More importantly, hopefully none of the other road users would have suffered because of the owners inflated ego (I know, I know, you only buy such a car to inflate your ego.... ).

Matty_Hall 23 April 2013

Field Day for YouTubers

Great video, Steve.

There you have the exact reason why there are so many 'Supercar Crash' videos and montages on the internet.

Rich kids all over the world saying 'watch this...' to the passenger, shortly before writing off a beautiful machine deserving a much more respectable owner and driver.

Chazz001 17 April 2013


This option is a great add on for any one!!!