15 October 2013

The kind folk at Lamborghini lent us not one, but two Aventadors for the day: the Lamborghini Aventador coupe and the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. What could we do with two supercars that hadn't been done before?

After a few moments thought, Steve Sutcliffe called in some assistance, booked a private test track, called in the slo-mo camera crew and set a series of light-hearted challenges for our intrepid supercar pairing.

Challenge one: will they jump, and if so how far, how high and how differently?

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Peter Cavellini 18 October 2013


Can they jump!, yes!, which makes the most noise?,really?a bit boys and there toys.

ordinary bloke 16 October 2013

Great fun

This video is one of the most entertaining Autocar have done for a long time. Well done chaps for letting your hair down.

Like 'bomb' above - I was going to say that brakes don't work in the air !!

SimonRH 15 October 2013

on 2 wheels

A stab of the rear brake brings the front end down. Maybe someone has MX experience Smile