15 October 2013

The kind folk at Lamborghini lent us not one, but two Aventadors for the day: the Lamborghini Aventador coupe and the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. What could we do with two supercars that hadn't been done before?

After a few moments thought, Steve Sutcliffe called in some assistance, booked a private test track, called in the slo-mo camera crew and set a series of light-hearted challenges for our intrepid supercar pairing.

Challenge one: will they jump, and if so how far, how high and how differently?

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The noise test

The drag race

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15 October 2013

Only thing leaping a supercar with a flat floor, is it might take off!!!!!
remember LeMans and Mark Webber....not sure, other than fun, what the point was of this video..............


15 October 2013

@ Pistachio Sometimes it's OK for videos to be purely made for our entertainment...

15 October 2013

...on the yellow car come on whilst it's still airborne. All of a sudden, jumping someone else's quarter of a million pound supercar didn't seem such a good idea...

Agree with Pistachio, I'm no aerodynamicist but you have to suspect it was the aero at work that created the spectacular results. Anyone with a knowledge of Peugeot's 205 T16 rallycar will already know that it grew its enormous rear wing as a consequence of its penchant for taking off over jumps. Same with the RS200, I think.

In hindsight, probably best to try this stuff on the Playstation and not in real life. Finally, nobody at the factory could explain the mysterious stains found on the driver's seat. Curious, that.

15 October 2013

...brakes don't work in mid-air!

17 October 2013

... but they won't slow you down yet the change in inertia will bring the nose down!

Opposite is true too, give it the beans mid air and you will lift the nose somewhat, especially on a all wheel drive car...

Difference may not be massive but enough to make the difference between a big mess and a perfect landing...

15 October 2013

Can't help but feel that it is better to be on the road with traction than in the air out of control anyone got a feel for this ? thanks


15 October 2013

...frankly mad video....but more importantly...did anyone notice that it was Monkey Harris's voice not Sutcliffe's?

Me - I would be delighted to see him return to the fold as his videos were/are fantastic, and he is a ruddy marvellous driver....most recently re-affirmed by his display at the Goodwood Revival.

15 October 2013
289 wrote:

did anyone notice that it was Monkey Harris's voice not Sutcliffe's?

Nope, that was Sutcliffe. Check his other videos, he always sounds a bit "harris like" in the voice overs.


15 October 2013

.....well I am amazed if it is Sutcliffe...the difference between them was always enough to tell them apart....its the little subtleties which usually give people away.
If this is indeed Sutcliffe I can only assume that he has been listening/watching Monkeys videos and then practising in front of a mirror....maybe in the vain hope that he might one day be as quick and as watchable as the 'Monkey'!!

15 October 2013

I can see why you could mistake the two of them but I'd say that was Sutcliffe.


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