11 May 2013

Steve Sutcliffe revisits the awesome 730bhp Ferrari F12 - and spends the day maxxing it out on some of Italy's twistiest roads.  To find out more about the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, click here.

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IaninBCN 25 May 2013

Ferrari Love / Hate

I must admit that I hate to love this car...

I think Ferraris these days could be a lot better looking than they are, the 456 was a peak for GT cars and the 288 GTO is the best looking car of all time.

An recent anomaly is the 599 though, that's just horny...

The company, I detest... it's more merchandising and theme parks these days, BUT...

If they can make something this fast and this good sounding and this "emotional"... then the theme parks and the branded goods must be worth it.

Steve is one of the few honest journalists these days that I like watching, this was a great (if short) overview of the car and like Steve, I can't wait till "The Ferrari" is tested...

If I won the lottery, I guess I could live with looks Smile

P.S. to gillmanjr

I have an Audi TT V6 with the DSG gearbox, I HATE that the flappy paddles (to use a Clarksonism) are on the wheel, you go round a tight bend and you have no bloody idea where they are, I'd much prefer them mounted on the steering column... just my opinion...


gillmanjr 17 May 2013

Steve I noticed you had to do

Steve I noticed you had to do some quick shifting in some of the corners and a few times had to take your hands off the steering wheel because the paddles are fixed to the column.  You didn't mention it as being bothersome but I can't imagine it not being. Maybe it isn't a huge negative but Ferrari really ought to get those paddles where they belong...on the steering wheel.

sputnik 15 May 2013


Will they do a GTO version?

I have seen a few of these floating around recently mostly white with Arab plates. I am not sure about the styling but it does look impressive. 

Ferrari have never made such a impressive sellection of cars as they make today.

This new F12 clearly beats all but they still have the big fight ahead with Le v's P1

I like the F12 very much but sometimes a car can be too good and thus I'd have the Aston, but  I Know most would have the F12.