10 March 2014

The all-new Mercedes-Benz C-class. It’s set to be here for a while, because Mercedes isn’t planning on replacing this fifth-generation C-class for another seven years. So, until 2021, this is the C-class, and if ever Mercedes needed to get a car right, and get it right from the word go, this is it. 

It’s a touch bigger than before, both inside and out, but, crucially, it’s also between 70kg and 100kg lighter than the previous model. And it’s more aerodynamically efficient, which, in turn, helps it to be more ecologically efficient, too. But is it better to drive? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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10 March 2014
Not sure about the C-Class; it's fussy on the outside and the technology is fussy, too. Five drive modes? People will experiment for a month then stick to normal.

1,550 kg isn't as lightweight as I expected, either. The Audi A4 2.0 TDI Multitronic is 30 kg lighter still (1,520 kg) with better acceleration figures. The BMW 320d is 1,505 kg with an automatic and like the revised Volvo S60 2.0 D4 Geartronic it's faster AND more economical.

I know it doesn't all come down to figures but Mercedes-Benz seem to be making a lot of noise without all the substance to back up their claims.

11 March 2014
As ever it's that rather nasty 4-pot connected to that ropey old 7-speed auto that's the M-B weakest link......The Germans (as well as Land Rover with the Evoque) seem to think that there are people (beyond the Fleet market) that are mug enough to shell out north of £ 40K for a four-pot diesel that sounds like a bag o'nails.

Whilst the mechanically illiterate will be seduced by a premium badge surely some manufacturer out there will wake up and realise that we are all going down the road of 3- and 4-cylinder engines 'exclusively'...... (see Volvo's new range, for example)..... leaving the multi-cylinders to the uber-premium brands. So, that said, can't someone design a 4-pot that actually sounds good for once ? Is this at last a market niche that Alfa Romeo can fill ??!!

11 March 2014
That diesel is surprisingly audible on the video. Perhaps they should have sacrificed a bit of the weight loss for some more sound insulation?

11 March 2014
Your either a BMW man or a Mercedes,either way,there's too much tech that you'll only use when your bored,so, are they just toys?,or,as the way option packs are done nowadays,you end up with options you just don't/won't use.....?

17 March 2014
A good point for Benz, they do not change their cars so often.

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