7 May 2013

Which is faster? A pared-down, bare knuckle track toy, a state-of-the-art superbike or a front-running rallycross car? Steve Sutcliffe referees the match between an Ariel Atom V8, a BMW HP4 superbike and a top Citroen DS3 rallycross contender in the ultimate quarter-mile showdown.

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Jonathan Lingham 9 May 2013

And if you dial in a few corners?

A fairly predictable result, though i'm surprised the 4WD rally car couldn't get the power down better in the wet. But a quarter mile sprint is a bit artificial. I wonder if the results would have been different if they'd had to do a lap of a testing circuit, where the bike's need to enter corners slowly and power out might have put it at a bit of a disadvantage?

Can't see the Ariel catching the Citroen though, even in these circumstances. Awesome. And the driver stays dry as well!

Bwadsworth76 9 May 2013

Oh for a dry day...

I'm impressed!  Autocar I doff my cap at you for having the brass ones to put an HP4 into this drag race, surely knowing it would mince any road car, (blasted Venom GT aside but that doesn't count right?) you could find to go against it.  

I'd imagine there will be a few people who think the Ariel would haver done better on a dry track but I would imagine the bike would also have had some benefit from that.  Genuinely blown away watching the bike gap the Rallycross car.  

There really is no substitute for pure speed!

marshall08 9 May 2013

Nice video.. showing there

Nice video.. showing there performance and capabilities of its vihicle  in the race track.But for sure there is an advantage and disadvantage of each other.


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