27 January 2020

The 2020 Honda e is Honda's first full battery electric vehicle. It's compact on the outside - smaller than a Honda Jazz - and pretty compact on the inside, too. But it is quite funky in there, with two 12in digital displays as well as a full digital instrument pack and, as standard, rear view cameras instead of conventional door mirrors.

With a 35.5kWh battery within its short wheelbase, it's relatively light for a BEV. A little over 1500kg is heavy for a car of supermini size, but it's light for a BEV. The downside is that, unlike cars like a Volkswagen ID 3 or a Nissan Leaf, the Honda e has a relatively small battery and therefore a limited range.

It should drive well, though. The motor is at the back which allows a tight turning circle and a steering system with no torque steer, while there is four-wheel independent suspension thanks to MacPherson struts all around, which promise a lively driving experience.

Join Autocar's editor-at-large Matt Prior for our Honda e first drive review.

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MrJ 4 February 2020

The appeal of a toothpaste

The appeal of a toothpaste tube.

Pathetic range means it can only be a second car, unless you rent for longer journeys.

He's right about connectivity - just plug in your phone for maps and that's about all you need.

jason_recliner 3 February 2020


Much cheaper than a Model 3 and much more desirable.

jer 28 January 2020

Tuffty my guess Valencia new and old town

Matt is being generous. If it looked like the concept without the silly wheel proptitons it might be a success but it looks like a toy car so they will sell a few in cities. Shame another Honda miss they get so much right and just can't see the wrong. I suppose the Honda UK boss has nothing to do with the car other than distribute sell and service.