28 June 2013

Steve Sutcliffe drives the new £100,000 Porsche 911 GT3. Could it be the world's best sports car? You bet it could.

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28 June 2013

......driving that fast with the back out sliding all over the place on a public road is just unacceptable. Add in the 'not my car' aspect to the situation and with the traction control clearly switched off, there is a truly dangerous situation. How long before someone is killed?

I'd rather you did NO video at all if this is what you intend to show.

28 June 2013


This 'Ray6O' dudes basically registered using a O on the end of his name instead of a 0, to look like someone else so it appears they are instead moaning.

If you don't like the videos then p!ss off.


28 June 2013

Did you mean to search for the Highways Agency and accidentally ended up on a website for car enthusiasts?

Firstly, are you aware that Steve is one of the best drivers in the car journalism industry? He isn't your average journo who knows how to get the back end out!

How many other cars did you see on that public road? I'll give you a clue, the answer is between one and minus one!

Furthermore, even if Steve was just your average Joe, the camera car filming from in front has obviously seen the clear road ahead before Steve gets round the bend. He knows it's clear from the camera car, and therefore can safely give it the beans!

Leave us petrol heads alone, please.

28 June 2013


I gather your taking the urine here?....no!,aren't Buses wonderful these days.I think i saw one vehicle,a Van i think,hardly endangering life or limb is it?

28 June 2013

Ray60 stop being a troll and making these statements on every single AutoCar video. Did it ever cross your mind that perhaps this stretch of road was shut down for the filming, or if it is a route that is no longer in use by major traffic? At least ask these questions before jumping to your conclusion. Meanwhile, enjoy your electric dream car Nissan Leaf. 

21 July 2013

You are the troll. Do you really think these guys are just blindling sliding around these tight curves? How do you explain the camera man being on the exit of the curve filming him then? These guys set up cameras on a curve, check to see if it's clear, then they go ahead and film the shot. All it takes is simple editing to make it look like everything was spur of the moment and done in one continuous take, but all it takes is a very slight inkling of mind-power to realize this is a very controlled environment.

26 August 2013

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28 June 2013

Thanks Steve, great review of a fantastic car. Ignore the wild left wing protectomaniacs who  would have us WALK around with airbags. Life is dangerous..... live with it.

28 June 2013

I do belive What Car is available Ray..

28 June 2013

What a total, utter, perfectly honed WEAPON (not you Steve).

This is easily the best 911 Porsche has ever engineered, and if both Sutcliffe and Harris (PH) can come to the same jaw-at-lowest-setting conclusion, then you can bet your house and all it's belongings on this thing being very very, and thrice, very special indeed.

And all for 'just' £100k. OK, it won't turn quite as many 'uninitiated' heads as a Ferrari, but in many ways that just makes it even more desirable.


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