28 June 2013

Steve Sutcliffe drives the new £100,000 Porsche 911 GT3. Could it be the world's best sports car? You bet it could.

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loach 14 August 2013

991 GT3

The view of the engine in a 911 has never been great, but now they've hidden it entirely. Cool. Along with the handbrake and the gearknob. Awesome. I hated all of that and hated having all that 'old fashioned' stuff to faff about with. The electric steering will save me 2 gallons of petrol a year, apparently, so that's great. I'm confused that even though the clutch pedal has gone, I now have to play around with the paddles to get the gearbox to declutch and stuff. And 7 there are speeds. My feng shui guy says that 7 is unlucky. Why oh why don't Porsche just make the GT3 an automatic altogether? And what's with the two pedals? Can't I just have it so that I push the wheel to go faster and pull it to go slower?

I'm not sure that the problem with the last GT3 was that it was too slow or that its performance was too inaccessible to the sort of people that bought them. To broaden its market, Porsche have made the new car easier to drive but a bit less easier to love, IMO. I haven't driven it yet, but I've tried PDK and find it a bit retarded in a 911 unless you're determined to commute in it, in which case I'm not sure I understand the appeal of a 911 to start with.


Dutch 2 July 2013

Porsche 911 GT3

Impressive stuff.

bomb 2 July 2013


Stunning car and review. I think Harris managed to out-oversteer you in his vid, though...!

Autocar, can you sort out the BORING TROLLS who hijack the threads. You know who they are (I would hope) because all the other posters know who they are. Binning the forum doesn't absolve you staying on top of this multiple user ID crap.