23 May 2013

Can the latest incarnation of the mighty Nissan GT-R fend off the challenges of the fettled Alpina B6? Steve Sutcliffe maxxes them out at Brands Hatch and then takes to the open roads, before deciding which one he'd choose to own...

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23 May 2013

Nothing that most of us would have worked out ourselves.

23 May 2013

Although I enjoyed watching this (thank you Steve Stucliffe and the Autocar production team) and Sutcliffe did a good job in presenting a fair and balanced test, this kind of reminded me of the GT-R v M5 video test that Autocar ran a year or so ago, in missing a few vital comparison issues.

First and foremost, the GT-R is supposed to be an out and out 'sportscar' and more than a bit of a track specialist, whereas the B6 is a 'sporty' GT coupe and not quite so focused. Second, the B6 is much the larger car, making a decent stab at sitting 4 adults, and therefore not as physically agile and manoeuvrable as the Nissan, which fits no more than 2 adults in anything like reasonable comfort. Third, Nissan enjoys better traction due to its 4WD set up than the RWD B6.

So, as with the M5 comparison, it wasn't exactly a revelation that the GT-R was the quicker cornering car. But given that B6 itself is already monumentally fast and fine handling as well as being so much easier to live with, roomier, more comfortable, more refined, better built and much nicer to spend time in, personally I'd go for the Alpina........if I had the cash. Because all that said, the GT-R as well as being a amazing sportscar, is one hell of a bargain too.

23 May 2013

Overdrive, I've seen the 6 up close and it's, um, no more of a 4 seater than the GT-R ever will be. That's what the stretched-wheelbase 6GC is for.

I know the 6 is more refined blah blah blah, but compared to the previous model I maintain it's your rich uncle's kinda car. No strike that, it's a pipe and slippers coupe. Why be polite with the truth?

23 May 2013

Steve says the GTR is still the king where it really counts - which apparently is the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit or the right road when your brain is in the right place. I'd prefer the Alpina myself and have a proper more rounded car, not just a track day special.

23 May 2013

Anyone looking to buy a Nissan GT-R wouldn't consider an Alpina B6, and vice versa. B6 for me everytime.

24 May 2013


Thankyou for putting it so well............

23 May 2013

I don't care how fast the GTR is, how fast it goes around the Ring, which supercar it embarrasses. If I had the money for a car in that price bracket I wouldn't even consider the GTR. I just think of it as 'chavvy' and the interior horrid.

Between these two the Alpina is classy and certainly more than fast enough. It looks better and the interior is light years ahead. I would love jumping in it and blasting across Europe.

Or for the best of both worlds of GT/Sportscar a 991 Turbo will do nicely.

23 May 2013

...the blo*dy GTR is 16k cheaper! Wake up and smell the extra cash in the bank. Not just that but wait 2/3 years and get a GTR for practically half the cash (35k). Now that's a bargain supercar. 

Overdrive - your comments on 'better built' should be taken with a pinch of salt given I'm pretty sure BMW bosses would be more than keen to have an equivalent Nissan esq reliability/durability reputation. Perhaps 'better finished' but you would hope so @ 92k lolz


23 May 2013

No contest! That Alpina thing's horrid. The GT-R quite literally runs rings around it.

23 May 2013

I've said it on here before with other GT-R vs xxx videos and tests; I'd love to have a go in a GT-R but wouldn't wish to own one. I don't 'want' one.

Against the clock or that one occasion when you can justify 'going for a drive' that car journalists think we all do the GT-R might be chuckle. But for the other 364.9 days of the year it'd be the B6 in a heartbeat.

The GT-R is still a performance bargain if you're looking at stats and a stopwatch but is slowly becoming less so. A couple of years ago it would have bettered the B6's price by £30k but it's now just £16k, the Track Pack even less so.


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