23 May 2013

Can the latest incarnation of the mighty Nissan GT-R fend off the challenges of the fettled Alpina B6? Steve Sutcliffe maxxes them out at Brands Hatch and then takes to the open roads, before deciding which one he'd choose to own...

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Steve Johnson 31 May 2013

Exhuberant Exhilaration!

Come on guys, life is for living.  The Nissan actually stuns professional drivers and reviewers when they take it for a spin. Of course it's the more exhilarating, desirable car. If I was the Nissan owner, I would give any excuse to the wife to get out and drive. You guys talking about a once a year thing are not serious. It is just more fun to drive than the BMW. There comes a time when one has to choose between posing with a badge and actual driving pleasure. I'll take pleasure over posing every time.

Ray60 31 May 2013

Couldn't have put it better,

Couldn't have put it better, Steve. There's no contest.

Wanos 29 May 2013


Personally I would rather have the GTR for the track days/ring days etc and a Focus diesel(or similar) with the other 16k....Plus I think the GTR is better looking, the 6 is a dog!

Overdrive 24 May 2013


I dont know what 6 you've seen up close, but I've actually sat inside the back a 6 series (though not the B6 itself), in a BMW showroom with a friend in the front, and while it is no limo in the back (headroom is a bit tight) it is perfectly useable, certainly more so than the GT-R. Oh and, I'm exactly 6 ft.

It's ok, you carry on regarding a car like the B6 (with 552 bhp) as a "pipe and slippers" car, but I'd be more than happy to own one, and couldn't careless what anyone else thinks of the car.