17 January 2020

For decades since the 1940s, Jeep made a pickup truck. And then, all of a sudden in the early 1990s, it didn't.  But now the new Jeep Gladiator is here to change all that. 

Like a mullet (remember: business at the front, party at the back, '80s haircut fans) the Gladiator is a Jeep Wrangler for its front half, but features a chassis and body which is extended to allow a 1.5m by (nearly) 1.5m load bed at the back of it. It's a mid-size pickup (if you're in the US) and a big pickup in most other places, making it a true rival for the Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok.

Despite the lengthening to chassis and wheelbase, Jeep says the new Gladiator remains a truly exceptional off-road vehicle. To that end, then, it's most like a Ford Ranger Raptor - which has extraordinary off-road credentials and ability. Join Autocar as we find out more about just how good the Jeep Gladiator is off-road.


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JoEmily 6 February 2020

We always bring comfortable moments for you

thank you!

cowichan 22 January 2020


  What an incredibally challenging trial! Dirt road!, Mud puddles! Rain! mountains!

eseaton 18 January 2020

Far too good an idea for Land

Far too good an idea for Land Rover to consider.

And it would clash with Gerry McGovern OBE's crevat.