Currently reading: Jeep's plans for Europe include Gladiator pick-up in 2020
UK sales of truck have been confirmed, plus two new SUVs are set to join American brand's growing line-up
Mark Tisshaw
2 mins read
8 March 2019

Jeep will bring its new Gladiator pick-up truck to Europe next year, and its plans include a UK launch.

The heavy-duty vehicle, which is based on the new Wrangler, was revealed late last year, and its European fate at that point wasn't clear. However, Jeep's European boss, Jeff Hines, has confirmed to Autocar the decision had been taken to launch in Europe.

“It will land in quarter one or quarter two in 2020,” he said. “It won’t be big volumes, but our customers love the idea of it.”

The Gladiator will arrive at a time of strength for Jeep in Europe. Its 170,000 sales total in Europe last year was an increase of more than 50% on the year before and made the brand bigger than Land Rover in the region.

Its best-selling models are the Renegade and Compass, the two smallest vehicles it makes. From 2020, both will be made in Italy, once production of the Compass moves from Mexico. Both models will be available as plug-in hybrids by then, too.

This year, Jeep plans to launch new ‘S range’ models across its line-up as more road-focused variants.

Hines said that further growth for Jeep in Europe was possible: “How big can we be? Never big enough, so long as we stay true to the brand.

"To grow more than 50% will be tough, but we have plans to support growth even if the industry remains flat or decreases.”

When asked how it felt to now sell more cars than Land Rover in Europe, Hines said: “It feels good on our sales performance and growth and to bring more customers. We can grow and bring to more customers. We’re steadily improving.”

Two more models that could come to Europe in time have also just been confirmed by Jeep after investments in its US factories. A seven-seat SUV to sit alongside the Grand Cherokee will launched before 2022, as will a luxurious new SUV to sit atop the range that will revive the Grand Wagoneer name.


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For now, the new Wrangler is soon to begin its full roll-out in the UK, where it's expected to become Jeep's third best-selling model.


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8 March 2019

.....JEEP change their current pricing policy in the UK they are 'all done' here in terms of any meaningful registration numbers.

Rank stupidity and greed!

8 March 2019

Sales volume is obviously just one metric, but the fact that Jeep is now outselling Land Rover in Europe is a real eye opener. The Wrangler is on point and not cheap but clearly what people want.

8 March 2019

Jeep v Land Rover is pretty pointless as Jeeps main seller is under £20k or £169 a month with 0% apr, Land Rover start from £31k.

8 March 2019

..over 80% of all Jeep sales were either cheap Renegades, starting from £20k, or the £26k Compass.

8 March 2019

Totally agree 289, I would definitly buy a wrangler if they were'nt so crazily overpriced.

@scrap, Its not really the same market. Land Rover makes luxury SUVs nowadays, so you cant really compare them. Especially not by volume.

Mind you, it will be interesting to see how the new Defender fares against the Wrangler, which will probably be its main rival. Land Rover will also be slapping a 40K+ price tag on, so it will have to be somewhat better.

8 March 2019
JMax18 wrote:

Totally agree 289, I would definitly buy a wrangler if they were'nt so crazily overpriced.

This is me too. 5 years ago i bought a new Wrangler. The price increase in the last 5 years has been huge, to the point i wont buy one now. Add in that Jeep will not let us have the (cheaper and more desirable) V6 or Manual option. So i will keep the one i have. If Jeep want to increase the sales, they need to offer plenty of options to suit different people, not just push the price up, and pretend its a premium product, something a Jeep should NEVER be. 

8 March 2019
Oh dear oh dear. Horses for courses I know, but really pointless butch vehicles to use for the school runs.


8 March 2019

Sure, but from North to South, West to East, the Mums do love them.

8 March 2019

Jeep are hitting it out of the park, pickups are a substantially growing european product.

I'm sure people will by them in droves!


Too bad it looks like the defender won't be doing a pickup to start with.

Unfortunately, it's looking like the Defender'll be another premium-"off roader" that never goes off road.

Why JLR can't see that putting all their eggs in one basket is stupid, is ridiculous.


Yes, you can make a profit by selling new clothes to emperors. But once the economy takes a downward turn, and said emperors loose some of their millions (and suddenly stop buying ridiculously expensive products) - the mass market is what keeps you afloat.

When the Chinese credit crunch hits, the current troubles will look like a walk in the park.

8 March 2019
CarNut170 wrote:

When the Chinese credit crunch hits, the current troubles will look like a walk in the park.

The future after all always remains uncertain. I personally don't see a huge crash in China ahead - the way their economy works, too different - for it to quite work, to look at say what happened in 2007/2008 and transplant it over to China -- owning all the banks, grants Chinese authorities significant flexibility in type of options in how they approach issues. That means among others, no bank crash likely -- China more or less employes banks, like say EU utilizes it's central bank. Meaning, if authorities desire more liquidity they order the banks to loosen loans standards - if authorities wish to cool the economy, loans standards are tightened. In short, Chinese banks effectively are -- official tools. This is not the manner in which banks are employed in Western countries. Hence you can't quite -- simply transplant cause and likely effect - over to China. 


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