17 April 2013

The new Jaguar F-Type is finally upon us, after what feels like decades of speculation. Steve Sutcliffe takes to the road – and to the track – to find out if its has really got what it takes to rival other high-performance sports cars.

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17 April 2013

against a 911 Carrera 2S Cabriolet PDK - similar performance for over £15k less (basic). But the lack of rear space/boot might put off customers who would normally buy a 911. If so, then the F-type starts being compared against a Boxster/Cayman, which makes it look quite pricey. So, for me, the boot is too small. Does that sound a bit dull? Probably.

17 April 2013

50 years......? to catch up........?looks good, sounds great,and jugding by Steve's efforts,handles like dream.Even the price is good,but,but, how are you going to get bums on seats?

Peter Cavellini.

17 April 2013

I think the car doesnt need to worry about the 911 or boxster - it has its own position and will sell on looks a lot more than either of the other 2 will. Shame it isnt cheaper / lighter but Jaguar have done well with what they had and will no doubt get away with the price premium. Those looking for the last word in handling will no doubt buy either of the Porsches and they would probably be right to do so, but I'm sure you could find more capable off roaders than the Evoque at cheaper prices - it hasnt stopped it being a runaway success and good new for UK jobs.

17 April 2013

Where does the price point of the F-type sit with that of the E-type when it was launched? I know that there were far fewer niches in the E-type's day, far fewer competitors full stop, but how do you think this sits in the market in comparison with the E?

17 April 2013

It's growing on me in a way that JLR products usually don't (or never do), but I'll wait for the coupe, though, as I think it looks so much better than this cabrio. Steve reckons the price isn't an issue once you've been on the press event but I can't help thinking they got greedy on this one.

17 April 2013

but....I am waiting for the coupe V6s with a decent manual gearbox, limited slip and pair of small rear seats for the baby, small dog or extra baggage.  Ideally lightened,  with folding bucket seats and 30K cheaper than a 991 and a decent sized fuel tank ....then it will fill the niche left by Porsche and appeal to the thousands of frustrated enthusiasts who love driving but have turned their back on Porsche, (like me!!)

17 April 2013

Some 911 customers may convert. Others definitely will not, and JLR never expect them to. What the F-type will do is have Aston's pants down. A V8 Vantage or the Jag? No question. Drove the AMV8 a few years ago and I wouldn't pay £50K for it, let alone what AML is asking for a new one. So happy Jag has pulled this out the hat, they are on to a winner...Also saw a V6S development prototype a few weeks back at Oulton Park and Steve is right - photos don't do it justice. Beautiful!


18 April 2013

The way they are pricing in the UK you won't consider a F-type if you can't (or won't) stretch beyond a Boxster/Cayman to a 991.  It'll be the Boxster S PDK every time (and pocket a tidy £10-15K saving over a F-type S).

However, the V8-S versus the 991 S Cabrio starts to make the F-type look much better value. Interesting to see that an option-for-option comparator on the Jag USA website sets the F-type around £5K less than the UK equivalent ...(thanks Coventry.....nice one...).  

I suspect the way they'll price the 'F' in China and the US will make the V8-S even more enticing a competitor to Porsche.

For us Brits though ? As Nick644 says: wait for the coupe and see how both residuals and pricing perform over the next 18 months.  


18 April 2013

Coupe with 2 rear seats? are you sure Nick?

18 April 2013

I like it and I'm sure it does look better in the flesh. Saying it has Porsche 911 turbo performance is a brave statement and I'd like to see a comparison between the two. I was hoping for the Jag to be more of a Boxster rival however with that price the 911 is obviously pitting against it. Looks good, well done Jaguar this will only add to their line up of increasingly impressive cars.


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