10 February 2020

The new 2020 Jaguar F-Type coupe has arrived. Big news? This facelifted Jaguar F-Type no longer comes with a V6 option, so the engines are a 296bhp (300hp) four-cylinder, or a V8 available in two power outputs. 

The Porsche 911-rivalling V8 model can be had with 444bhp or 568bhp, and with four or rear wheel drive. 

We've opted for a full-fat F-Type R, which is the supercharged 575bhp option. This F-Type 0-60mph time is just 3.5 seconds, and the F-Type R's top speed is some 186mph (300kph).

Join us as we test the latest Jaguar F-Type which, in R form, in the UK costs from a fairly hefty £97,280, and see if it is a better car than the Porsche 911 or BMW M8


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joskenybaby 22 April 2020

She is so beautiful

My passion and dream, always thinking about her. She is so beautiful

BertoniBertone 26 February 2020

Depreciation is your friend....

JLR - as ever on a relative shoe-string budget - has delivered a fine update on the whole, I think it's fair to say.

Speccing the 'cooking' V8 sensibly (ie. leaving aside the ludicrously priced full leather and 'individual' colours options) can get you a very nice slice of 'old school' british sportscar, comfortably under-cutting the Porsche 992 equivalent by an easy £ 15-20K.  Not too be sniffed at.... even if the F-Type is inferior on every objective metric.

However, you're not going to write a cheque for RRP are you ? No: you're going to do the sensible thing and sprounce into a JLR dealership in 12 months time when they'll give you a further £ 7-10 K off. Unfortunately, when you're sharing market space with Porsche's 911, this is forever your fate.

Bimfan 10 February 2020

Less costs more?

So not as effective or accomodating as a 911 (or Audi R8) but costs more to buy and to run.

Great car then!

scrap 10 February 2020

If you are buying a two door

If you are buying a two door sports car then practicality isn’t the number one concern. It’s not for everybody of course, but this review says the F Type is likeable and has lots of character. What’s wrong with that? Why the need to talk it down or treat it like a game of top trumps. Buying decisions at this level are not just rational.
Turinbrakes 11 February 2020

Could not put it any better

Great looking car with a lovely interior and superb performance. I would have this Jag over any Porsche, R8 etc. Is it the best car in its sector, probably not, is it one of the best cars in its sector, absolutely! Don't care if the Porsche is a little faster around a race, care not if the R8 has slightly better road handling, I would be happiest in the F-Type because it would do all that I ask and then some