Five-pot turbodiesel gives the stylish and solid-feeling C30 real motorway shove. Just don't expect it to feel like a 'GTi-D' on a country road, and don't expect it to be cheap

What’s new?

Certainly not the engine: you’re probably familiar with this five-cylinder turbocharged D5, as it features in every model Volvo produces, so it’s no surprise it’s been slotted into this stylish coupe. Tuned to give 177bhp, it’s the most powerful diesel in the C30 range.

What’s it like?

The D5 has its faults, but it does a lot to compliment the C30. Once you’re in its torque band, there’s ample acceleration and a flexibility that gives good around-town performance. But our test car had the five-speed auto that exacerbates the D5’s lethargy; its lack of urge at very low revs is painfully obvious, and the lengthy lag before the gearbox reacts to the throttle means that kick-down can be disconcerting.

This doesn’t make the Volvo a bad car to drive, rather one that encourages cruising rather than sprints: it’s an effortless motorway vehicle, and it’s lovely to be in with an impressively solid, premium-feel cabin.

However, premium feel comes at a premium price: £22,295 for the D5 in SE trim. And that’s before you add the inevitable list of options.

Should I Buy One?

If budget isn’t an issue, and you want refinement, style and quality, then yes. If it’s sporting ability you’re after, you’d be better off looking at the competition.

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