Volkswagen has done a really thorough, objectively commendable job on this, its first and all-important ID-brand electric car, which it would be very easy to underestimate.

Compare it with the last EV we tested only a few weeks ago, the Mazda MX-30, and you’ll see exactly how. For the same money as a much shorter-range electric supermini, this is a more usable ‘proper’ four-seater of superior performance and significantly superior operating autonomy. It’s capable of transporting adult passengers in the rear, and of putting more than 200 miles between charges in the right circumstances.

Bland, but with the substance to further the zero-emissions push

That may not sound like emphatic progress for the volume-selling hatchback in a wider sense, but for those ready to step into an electric car of just the right size and with just the right usability credentials, the qualities mentioned above ought to give the VW ID 3 deserved consideration before most other £30,000 options. The car’s slightly unlovely cabin quality and its competent but anodyne driving experience may be barriers to its success at higher price points.

Even so, its eerily slick and slightly clinical dynamic flavouring aside, this Volkswagen ought to be a sound base from which to build an electrified future.

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