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The petrol Exeo appeals, but the diesels are better

What is it?

The 2.0 TSI version is going to be as sporty as the new Seat Exeo gets. It features the familiar 197bhp direct-injection 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, as used by other members of the VW family. And it gets sports suspension as standard, which means it sits 20mm closer to the ground and has springs and dampers that are said to be 20 per cent stiffer than the standard items.

What’s it like?

We already know what a good engine this is, and that remains true when it’s slotted in the Exeo saloon. Slightly shorter gearing would make it better still, but it’s flexible, free-revving and turns Seat’s Mondeo rival into a swift car that’s rarely wanting for power.

Being based on the last Audi A4 has its drawbacks, though, and they comes with the chassis. The sports suspension means that this car lacks a lot of the bounce and some of the pitching of lesser Exeos. It also leans less roll through bends and mildly more precise steering. But too many thumps find their way into the cabin and it’s only averagely good at coping with scarred road surfaces. So the best family saloons will serve you better.

The upside to the Exeo’s Audi heritage is to be found inside the cabin, though. The high quality and great functionality of the interior, and its fit and finish, are easily the Seat’s highpoint.

Should I buy one?

If the Exeo appeals - and there’s lot of appealing things about it - then yes, but even so, we’d still recommend one of the diesels above this petrol model. Either way, although they’re good value cars, they’re certainly not cheap. And looking towards the likes of the Honda Accord and Ford Mondeo is going to get you more car and a better car for less.

Chas Hallett

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ThatOne 27 August 2010

Re: Seat Exeo 2.0 TSI Sport

Seat should have taken a trip to see Skoda, who do a pretty good job at making VAG chassis efficient and comfortable. That's what friends are for. Great comment about the pointlessness of Seat in the VAG line-up. Has anyone read a blurb from the VAG PR folk on this subject, apart from the first ones after the takeover about Seat being the "young and sporty" member of the family?

Dan McNeil 20 February 2009

Re: Seat Exeo 2.0 TSI Sport

SDR wrote:
There's no compelling logical reason to buy this over a Mondeo or an Accord, an Insignia, or probably several others if I thought about it - all are better cars. 

Well, that depends.

For example, if we take the VAG 170 common rail diesel unit (as installed in the Exeo), then the Mondeo (for instance) is massively inferior in the diesel unit department. Its DERV-guzzling-smoke-signaling-under-moderate acceleration-sound-of-dying-cement-mixer installation barely warrants the noun 'engine'.

Plus, its fascia looks like a 1970s Alba stereo.

Still, at least it handles.

Lee23404 20 February 2009

Re: Seat Exeo 2.0 TSI Sport

Dan McNeil wrote:
Yes, it'll no doubt depreciate faster than an Audi, but that'll be great news in two years for these who want Audi quality but not Audi secondhand prices.

It may not hold it's value as well as an Audi but Seats usually do pretty well. My wife traded her Ibiza in last year and after 5 years (30k) got 40% of its original value back. Better than most and well ahead of Fiesta/Corsa/Clio.