From £291,8208

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

The magnificent Rolls Royce Phantom can justify its stratospheric asking price in relation to rivals such as the Bentley Mulsanne and Mercedes-Maybach S650 but, as we’ve now seen, the case for the Cullinan may be slightly less convincing. Starting at £264,000 but rising steeply with options, it’s £100,000 more than a W12-engined Bentley Bentayga. Equally, that’s also around £100,000 less than for a Phantom.

In any case, cost is unlikely to trouble most ‘patrons’, and in practical terms the Rolls Royce Cullinan is on a par with some of its ultra-luxury rivals. Even with a touring economy of only 23.6mpg, a 90-litre fuel tank gives the car a range of nearly 500 miles – enough to drive from London to Frankfurt non-stop.

Deep-pile lambswool floor mats from the Phantom look and feel fantastic but don’t expect them to take kindly to muddy shoes. We’d probably leave them out when configuring the car.

Real-world testing does, however, indicate that urbanite owners should expect closer to 11.0mpg, but this would still do for 40 trips from Chelsea to Mayfair and back before needing to visit a forecourt.

Meanwhile, servicing requirements, aside from an annual oil change for the V12, are dictated by the car’s sensors and recommended on an ad hoc basis.