Price, fuel economy, range and depreciation

A car with as many independent sources of propulsion and lithium ion battery cells as the 508 PSE was never likely to come cheap but, for private buyers at least, this car should certainly test the bounds of acceptability on price for a fast Peugeot.

The saloon version has a before-options price of just under £54,000, the SW estate just under £56,000. You can get a Volvo V60 T8 Polestar Engineered, the wagon’s only direct performance PHEV rival, from just under 10% less, or have an Audi S4 TDI Avant or a BMW M340i xDrive Touring for less still.

If performance cars must go hybrid, then fast wagons are arguably where the technology makes most sense. They’ve got the heft to absorb the battery and an EV mode plays to their Swiss army knife appeal. This Peugeot pulls it off well.

So, yes, the 508 PSE certainly does stretch the definition of affordable somewhat, but before you dismiss it, consider that you get a fully loaded car here as standard. Besides paint colour choices, Peugeot’s cost-options number fewer than five, whereas you could easily exceed this car’s price, and keep right on going, by adding your chosen optional equipment to the Volvo, BMW or Audi.

Then there’s the 508’s pecuniary appeal as an upmarket, tax-saving f leet option to consider, and its potential to save you money on running costs. The 30.5mpg our car averaged on test isn’t representative of what this car might return for someone who could charge it at home and use it for fairly short-hop work commuting. Our testing suggests you should expect an electric-only range of around 20 miles.

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