A greener choice, but can't match diesels on running costs
10 October 2008

What is it?

It’s a new version of the elegant 407 saloon that runs on either petrol or ‘E85’ biofuel. That sounds great - the problem is this ‘flexible fuel’ is available on fewer than 50 forecourts in the UK.

What’s it like?

Peugeot has replaced its entire range of petrol 407s with new models capable of running on either petrol or E85.

These Bio Flex models are no different to drive than the standard car, but buyers shouldn’t come to them looking to make substantial cost savings, as E85 is only very slightly cheaper than petrol.

Disappointingly, road tax for the 2.0-litre Bio Flex costs the same as the outgoing petrol model, because its CO2 emissions are no better.

And, as the engine lacks low-down torque, it needs to be worked hard and Peugeot’s claimed 34.8mpg consumption figure is hard to match.

Biofuels might be better for the planet, although the boffins are still arguing on that one, but the 407 Bio Flex isn’t offering buyers any real financial incentive for going green.

Should I buy one?

If you live next to one of the 50 or so garages in the UK that sell E85 and want to make a public demonstration of your green credentials, it might be worth considering the 407 Bio Flex.

But for buyers looking to reduce both their bills and CO2 emissions, the HDI diesel engines remain the better choice.

Will Powell


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14 October 2008

[quote Autocar] the problem is this ‘flexible fuel’ is available on fewer than 50 forecourts[/quote] I don't wish appear pedantic, but you appear to be slightly confused: it's the engine that is flexible, as it can use either fuel. I can't imagine any other uses for E85!

15 October 2008

[quote Bobafari]I can't imagine any other uses for E85![/quote]

Makes a mean cocktail - Environmentally Friendly Molotov

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