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Bodystyle, dimensions and technical details

Like most of its rivals, the 2008 is a typically straightforward piece of engineering. While considerably more meat has been added, the platform beneath the taller car is the same as the one that underpins the Peugeot 208, and while it may be jacked up by 96mm, there’s no four-wheel drive option to drastically alter the similarities.

Instead, as with the larger 3008, Peugeot offers its selectable Grip Control system as an answer to slippery situations and has only mildly fettled the hatch’s MacPherson strut/torsion bar suspension set-up to suit. 

The 2008 has a steel monocoque construction

Cosmetically, the crossover is a mixed bag. The 208’s overwrought front end is patched neatly on to the bigger nose, but the insubstantial profile and flabby rear make the car an inconsistent presence in the metal. The 2016 Geneva Motor Show saw Peugeot facelift the 2008, which saw the exterior gain a new front grille, extended wheel arches and scuff plates all to give it a more muscular appearance. Inside Peugeot managed to squeeze more storage and boot space from the 2008 as well as fitting a new automatic gearbox.

Regardless of the visual impact, the extended roofline adds practicality. Seat-up boot space increases by 75 litres over the 208, substantiating the 2008’s claim to the now-deceased SW’s place in the range.

However, the additional metalwork comes at a price. Peugeot claims a kerb weight of 1180kg for the 1.6 e-HDi model, but we registered 1310kg when we weighed a test car – 230kg more than the Peugeot 208 tested last year.

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The Peugeot's engine range consists of small-displacement petrol and diesel units. A three-cylinder 1.2-litre 82bhp engine with stop/start is offered, alongside an 82bhp engine without stop/start, as well as a 108bhp and 128bhp versions of the same engine available for those seeking a little more performance.

Diesel options include a 1.6-litre e-HDi diesel in 74bhp, 99bhp and 118bhp outputs. The range may not end there in the future, with Peugeot toying with the idea of creating a 2008 GTi to rival the Nissan Juke Nismo, and while there are no firm details, it has been apparently earmarked for the end of this decade.