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A versatile premium EV that doesn’t easily command its premium

As a luxury-oriented SUV with four-wheel drive as standard, room for seven occupants, family-appropriate cabin space and carrying versatility, plus the ability to tow a little more than a trailer tent (over fairly short distances, at least), the Mercedes EQB might be precisely the kind of car that the market needs right now. It’s sensible and functional rather than cultish or frivolous; it’s easy-going and ready to meet your needs, rather than necessarily revolutionise your motoring experience. It’s a useful, desirable and broadly functional EV, but it’s not one we can recommend unconditionally.

Mercedes is charging a notable premium for this car relative to other electric SUVs, and yet isn’t offering a car with an entirely segment-competitive electric range, nor one capable of particularly fast public charging. Those are likely to be key stumbling blocks for some potential EQB buyers.

There will be others, however, for whom only the EQB will do; Mercedes’ seven-seater positioning has seen to that. They will be getting a refined, versatile and rounded family car. But for those who expect to use the third row only infrequently, we would rank it behind a few five-seaters of comparable price and below.