Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Whether or not you take serious issue with the £50,570 sum that Mercedes asks for the A45 S will come down to personal perception.

Some might consider that reasonably good value for a practical, 416bhp all-weather performance car. Others might simply laugh in disbelief at the prospect of paying more than £50,000 for what is essentially a hot hatchback on anabolic steroids – even one with a premium badge.

The AMG performs competitively with residuals, but the cheaper Audi RS3 retains a bigger share of its original value than the A45 and the BMW M2

That buys you only the basic A45 S, too. Our Plus-spec test car raises the price to £56,570, although you do gain adaptive dampers, the AMG Aerodynamics package, a Burmester sound system and more besides as standard. However, it’s worth noting that you’d still be able to buy an Alpine A110, BMW M2 Competition or Porsche 718 Cayman S – all incredible driver’s cars in their own right – for similar money, or an Audi RS3 for over £10,000 less.

As for fuel consumption, our test car averaged 31.1mpg overall and recorded 41.5mpg touring economy. Combined with its 51-litre tank, that latter figure makes for a theoretical maximum range of 466 miles.