The interminable wait has ended with an intermittently impressive result. The Civic Type R feels over-engineered, ostentatious, loud all the time and turbocharged in every regard.

It isn’t the most pleasant hot hatch to sit in, live with or even drive, but it strives to embrace Honda’s evolving Type R ethos – a spirit that remains likeably Japanese, even as the manufacturer stoops needlessly to concern itself with Rhineland lap-timers. 

The Civic Type R is fast and furious, but demands some sacrifice - as it should. A cult hero in the making

Certainly there is a school of thought that suggests the latest model might have been better shorn of quite so much aero, spring malice or turbo bloat.

That would have yielded a slightly slower, softer Honda Civic, yes, but a cheaper, more fun and potentially more feelsome one, too.

By opting instead for the extremes of power, purchase and price, Honda has delivered a hardline, idiosyncratic crusader.

It offers less for everyone than ever – but is all the more desirable if you’re on its wavelength.