There is nothing else at the moment that quite does what the Ginetta G40R does. Most lightweight track cars offer a promise of open-air motoring that can, at times in this climate, prove just too open. Sporting closed-top alternatives, meanwhile, are just that: they are heavier and less able to consistently produce entertaining track driving without slowly cooking themselves.

The G40R has a few faults, but these are mostly related to its pre-production status and to fit and finish. Also it is slightly more expensive than an, admittedly less exclusive, Elise, particularly when factoring in a few choice options. And, unlike the Elise, the G40R is more of a weekend toy than something you could use as a daily driver.

Of its dynamic demeanour, we’d look to lend the steering a sense of purity and consistency that is contained within a Caterham’s or Elise’s rack. We’d alter little, though, about the G40R’s inherent balance and ability, which deserves to bring it all the success as a road car that Ginetta has recently found making racing cars.


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