Has its moments but lacks the dynamism of a typical fast Ford

The Ford Mustang Mach-E GT is good enough to drive, competent enough in a wider sense and eye-catching enough to carve out a place in the electric performance car market. It’s spacious and versatile, with decent range and usability, but other than for a bigger dose of roll-on thrust, it leaves you wondering why you might spend a £20,000 premium on it above any of its showroom siblings.

You don’t expect a luxury-level cabin or world-beating quality feel from a fast Ford, but you do expect a convincing sort of driver engagement, top-level handling appeal and some playful charisma. The Mach-E GT makes gestures in those departments, but they mostly feel tokenistic. It’s fast, in a slightly qualified sense, and it handles quite well at times. But you don’t get out of it wanting more of anything it does.

This isn’t the emphatic statement of intent we were looking for from a company that’s now forging ahead to an electric future that, we like to think, could contain as many great real-world performance cars as have its past few decades. For now, we’ll just keep on hoping.