It’s our top car in this class, and in this trim and with this powerplant it looks good and really makes the most of the Ford’s capable chassis

What is it?

This is the quickest Ford that the Blue Oval has on sale right now. Of course there was a time when tuned, big-engined Ford Sierras, and Mondeo V6 STs, were the fast Fords that dominated the streets of suburbia.

They were the aspirational ‘hot’ models for devotees of the company’s range. Now though, if you’re after an affordable performance car, a smaller-capacity hot hatch is more the order of the day; but for Ford, certainly until its more powerful Fiesta and Focus models arrive, this petrol Ecoboost Mondeo is the motor that will have to keep performance fans satiated. We’re pretty familiar with this 2.0-litre engine though, as the 200bhp variant is installed in the long-term S-Max we’ve been running for 12 months, and we’re big fans of its swift power delivery in a lower tune, so we’re even more enthusiastic about more horses installed in this Mondeo.

What’s it like?

The big Ford is certainly quick, the 237bhp EcoBoost engine will power the Mondeo from 0-62mph in 7.5sec and on to a top whack of 153mph, and the newly introduced stop-start system (which can reduce fuel consumption by up to five per cent) helps return a respectable 36.7mpg; pretty remarkable considering an impressive torque figure of 250lb ft. Outside, the most telling part of the X Sport car is a gloss-black grille with chrome surrounds, it’s subtle but it looks the part. Inside, the cabin has a more obvious performance feel to it, thanks to some Alcantara seat trim and red stitching threaded through various parts of the leather cabin.

Even though there’s only 2.0-litres of capacity, the Mondeo provides some aural drama when you get chance to open up the throttle, but on the motorway the capable six-speed ’box helps the Mondeo cruise quietly. It’s eager to respond to throttle inputs, though, the double-clutch system providing quick and smooth changes and always finding the appropriate gear at whatever speed, which all helps to make this engine great for exploiting what is the most agile of family motors.

Should I buy one?

It’s our top car in this class, and in this trim and with this powerplant it looks good and really makes the most of the Ford’s capable chassis. Yes a comparable TDCi will do more miles to the gallon and have a marginally better CO2 figure, but it will cost you more to buy and won’t sound or perform as well. So for me, this is, quite literally, the petrolhead’s choice.

Gary Lord

Ford Mondeo 2.0-litre EcoBoost Stop-start Titanium X Sport

Price: £27,710; Top speed: 153mph; 0-62mph: 7.5sec; Economy: 36.7mpg (combined); CO2: 179g/km; Kerb weight: 1569kg; Engine: 4 cyls. 1999cc, turbocharged petrol; Power: 237bhp at 5500rpm; Torque: 250lb ft at 1750rpm; Gearbox 6-spd auto

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Jon Hardcastle 20 October 2011

Re: Ford Mondeo Titanium X Sport

catnip wrote:

Although I'm sure its a very capable vehicle this generation of Mondeo has somehow never looked 'right' to me. Its the same with the fascia, for some reason I just don't like it, particularly the instrument pack with the large screen between the dials. The previous model's dashboard was a lot more classy.

A great fan of Fords, in the great Vauhall/Ford debate I have always had both my feet firmly planted in the Ford camp, but I have always found this incarnation of the Mondeo the least interesting for the same reson as Catnip highlights.

This engine sounds like a cracker and it's about time Ford did big and fast again, I only hope the next Mondeo design moves things back to what I would expect visually.

Peter Cavellini 22 August 2011

Re: Ford Mondeo Titanium X Sport

The way Co2 regs are going anything bigger than two litres is going to sit on the forecourt for a long time so the choices are obvious.

jl4069 21 August 2011

Re: Ford Mondeo Titanium X Sport

and this is the same Frankl who so easily concluded the Focus RS was a better road car than the GTR. All the while claiming that the GTR traction control was frozen unable to get the car moving apace with the Ford. Don't believe him. j