Fuel-efficient model hits the mark in every area

What is it?

This is the Mondeo Econetic, the third member of Ford’s economy range after the Fiesta and the Focus. It is fitted with a number of fuel saving measures such as low resistance tyres, an optimum gearchange indicator and a tweaked ECU for slightly less power but improved efficiency. A lowered sports suspension and air deflectors reduce drag.

What’s it like?

Despite the lowered suspension the Mondeo rides incredibly well, which is perfect for all those trips up and down the country that fleet Econetics will be tasked with. There is enough low-end torque to make good progress even when short-shifting, as dictated by the blinking green shift light.

The tyres tend to break away sooner than on the standard model, giving way to understeer, but otherwise the Mondeo is composed and fluid through the bends. In fact, after a few miles the Econetic’s relaxed nature tempts you into a similar driving style. The 113bhp 2.0-litre diesel is also quiet and effortlessly smooth, which adds to the refinement.

Ford claims a combined fuel economy of 54.3mpg, rising to 64.2mpg on the motorway. On a 30 mile test route mostly consisting town driving and country lanes the dashboard read-out showed a respectable 41mpg.

Should I buy one?

Yes. Mondeos are stylish and spacious and more than capable of taking on pricier German rivals, with none of the big Ford’s qualities being too far compromised in the Econetic. The car comes at a small premium but this can be easily recuperated by the savings on fuel.

Ollie Stallwood

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jl4069 29 June 2009

Re: Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 115 Econetic

-I think there IS ONE THING that need be said: At least this car without the bling and the wheels and silly 'sculpture bends' - like BMW/MB etc....that most new cars have today, LOOKS ALRIGHT. ITs not offensive. I could actually drive one and not feel like a total cok. Just a regular car for once.

jelly7961 29 June 2009

Re: Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 115 Econetic

noluddite wrote:
'The tyres tend to break away sooner than on the standard model'. You might regret trying to save a few pennies when you're sitting in the hedge.

just as I have said in previous posts about the Prius also fitted with these godawful type of tyres. Don't try and do a roundabout too quickly in the rain...

I doubt very much whether the savings generated by these tyres comes even close to their a) extra cost and their inherent 'unsafeness' (my opinion

drivenfromthere... 28 June 2009

Re: Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 115 Econetic

Lee23404 wrote:
I know it's been said before but why can't Ford & VW just introduce the Econetic/Blue Motion tweaks across the range like BMW does with efficient dynamics? I think BMW leads the way here (and has done for some time) and deserves some credit, for a change

You're right Lee.

Why on earth don't they put these measures across their range????

I find this 'Blue' range within a range quite cynical. Whilst I enjoy the performance and dynamics of my car on certain days on others I claw it all back with outstanding mpg.

I suprise many at the lights when my diesel clatters to life on amber and then disappears.

Why should I have a weedy skinny tyred thing to gain 41mpg????

I am now averaging over 46mpg and have fun with it.