From £9,865
Appealing little Ford gets a red interior, but canvas roof and disappointing engine hurt its appeal.

What’s new?A 500-off limited edition version of the range-topping StreetKa Luxury roadster, that’s what. No prizes for guessing what colour the unique leather interior is; you also get £200 of extras, including a heated front windscreen and a windbreak.Do the changes work?They’re minimal, so their appeal largely depends on whether or not you’re seduced by the StreetKa’s charms. And it’s not without them: cute looks, a grippy chassis, snug cabin and plenty of standard kit. But the little Ford feels like it’s been left behind by its rivals: the 1.6-litre engine is wheezy and low-tech by modern standards, despite the burbling exhaust note. The two-stage hood operation is fiddly compared to the likes of the (admittedly dynamically inferior) Peugeot 206 CC’s, and that car also offers a pair of rear seats.Should I buy one?You should at least try one if you’re in the market for an inexpensive drop-top, but we suspect many will go for the easier-to-live-with 206 CC.RA

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