Six years ago, the DS 3 became the first model from PSA’s fledgling premium brand – and today, it remains its best advert.

Retaining better handling and a healthy slug more driver appeal than you’ll find in most of its rivals, it remains one of the more recommendable cars of its type in our book.

Retains most of its motive charm but struggles to justify its premium

Particularly so, in fact, if your mind is made up on diesel power. The 3’s engine may not have the fun factor of Mini’s Cooper SD lump, but it’s refined, stout-hearted, efficient and relatively clean.

However, we regret that DS’s revisions haven’t done more for the 3’s static appeal or competitiveness. It’s very debatable if the car’s new look adds to its allure or simply muddles it – and the interior wants for distinguishing quality and the smart and practical touches expected from a premium brand.

DS’s all-new model must be more thoughtfully executed through toning down its corporate grille, making the infotainment easier to navigate, and spend a bit on the core materials rather than cabin decoration – and it must come soon.