Here we find ourselves in a Suzuki Jimny situation – it’s a car that we like and admire a great deal but which safety agencies do not rate highly. The less specialist the vehicle (we don’t suppose NCAP would think much of a motorcycle or a Caterham either, but we’d have no problem recommending both), the bigger the problem this becomes. And the Sandero is not a specialist vehicle.

Or is it? Its purpose is to offer people the cheapest way into a good new car possible. The fact that it does so while being objectively preferable to many of its more expensive alternatives is impressive. With that greater quality and improvements elsewhere, the Sandero has evolved into something much more than simply being Britain’s cheapest car (cheap being the operative word) – and with that inevitably comes an increased focus on such a safety rating.

Cut-price crossover is compromised in surprisingly few areas

Judged on its other merits – comfort, equipment, enjoyment and refinement – the Dacia Sandero is a solid performer that stands great scrutiny against both new and used alternatives.

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