From £5,3456

The Sandero represents basic motoring done well, for those who really want it

The bombshell has been dropped. Riding on the crest of a wave of global growth, Renault's budget brand, Dacia, arrived in the UK. And it brought with it a product to shake up the market: the inexpensive Dacia Sandero

Now to measure the impact crater. Is the Dacia as appealing as the idea of it? Will it suit the roads and drivers' tastes of one of the most mature and idiosyncratic car markets in the world? Is it likely to inspire a super-low-budget supermini class of its own? Or will the unavoidable concessions of a low-cost supermini prove unpalatable, and render the Dacia an irrelevance to the likes of us? 

The Dacia Sandero is a practical, sensible purchase


Dacia Sandero 2013-2020 First drives