For many potential Vantage owners, the mere sight and sound of this car will be enough to fire a desire that overwhelms any objective considerations. And this is before the 'Aston Martin' badge is considered.

And as time has progressed, the British manufacturer has chipped away some of the car’s rougher edges; build quality, fit and finish are better now than they were at launch, for example.

Objectively it's outgunned, but the Aston offers emotional appeal like no rival

What counts, though, is the capability of the end product. The V8 is very capable indeed, but it’s still short of that final, magical polish that separates a good car from a great one – a polish that comes with experience. While the V12 is simply a brute from the same stable as the enigmatic AMG V12 units which are ludicrous yet utterly compelling.

It offers performance just about strong enough to be acceptable, and its dynamic repertoire, while no threat to the Porsche 911’s, is broad in its abilities. Where it really scores is with its look and its classy aura.

If that’s enough to tempt out your chequebook, we wouldn’t argue.