Model features a Mercedes-sourced turbocharged 4.0-litre petrol V8, shared with the upcoming DB11 V8

Aston Martin is testing a next-generation Vantage mule beneath the body of a cut up DB11, as shown by these pictures.

2018 Aston Martin Vantage revealed

Beneath the DB11 body, this mule is using the Vantage's next-generation bonded aluminium architecture, which is a shortened version of the DB11's, as well as the future Vantage's suspension.

It's predicted to be lighter and more torsionally rigid than the outgoing Vantage's, helping to improve agility and boost performance.

Prior to the UK sighting, a similar development car was filmed testing at the Nürburgring, where the tone of the next Vantage's V8 engine was heard.

The unit is a Mercedes-AMG 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 that's expected to produce around 500bhp in the entry-level car and 550bhp in the Vantage S. The engine is supplied as part of a technical collaboration between the two brands and will use Aston's own software. This will also result in a V8 version of the DB11 using the eight-cylinder unit.

Like the current Vantage, a V12 version of the next-generation car is also due, using the same 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine of the V12 DB11.

The V8 Vantage will likely be offered with a dual-clutch automatic or six-speed manual gearbox.

The car is still some way off from being officially revealed, but insiders think it could make its debut late this year.

The new Vantage will come as part of a new model blitz from Aston Martin, in which all of its key cars, including the Vanquish and Rapide, will be refreshed with new models and joined by an all-new DBX SUV and Lagonda. There will also be a convertible version of the DB11, called the Volante, which is the car seen testing alongside the V8 Vantage in earlier pictures.

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Aston Martin V8 Vantage

The Aston Martin Vantage has an abundance of soul, and decent ability with it

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28 June 2016
I thought release next year. But we wait & see.the Db11 Volante will be release next year.


28 June 2016
I thought the Rapide was going to be discontinued in favor of the Lagonda? Outside of the Lagonda being more expensive then the Rapida, wasn't it determined that the Lagonda out shined the Rapide in every way (interior space, driving dynamics, style, exclusivity and history with the brand), even though they are both derived from the same platform? While I have always loved the Rapide, with the compromises that were/are built into it (lack of rear space being the main one [and I do understand that this could be resolved with the next generation model]), wouldn't a vehicle like the Lagonda be better suited the compete with vehicles ranging from the Porsche Panamera to the Bentley Flying Spur? Should they keep it I'm sure they can find a place for it, but for such a small company I'm sure they are concerned about over extending themselves.

28 June 2016
Over here in Dublin Ireland, we are having the privilege of greatly admiring a 2015 Aston Martin Rapide S (black in colour). The driver smiles at me as I walk by. It surely does stop me in my tracks. The only other Rapide I have ever seen was in Australia.

28 June 2016
I have a V8 vantage that I bought new almost 7 years ago, and I love it, so I’m very interested in this. It’s hard to tell given all the camouflage, but I think the proportions look good. I hope it doesn’t have the “roof strakes” of the DB11, and the side mirror mounts that wrap around the base of the windshield pillars makes it look like the pillars are broken at their base. PLEASE give it real instruments – the DB11’s screens are a massive let down, and so ordinary compared to the truly beautiful instruments in the current cars (and the DB10’s instruments are stunning). Most importantly: If the new V8 engine is an off-the-shelf AMG engine that differs from those in AMG cars only in its electronics and exhaust – if the engine itself is unchanged – I will NOT BUY ONE. The V8 in the current cars, while “based on” the Jaguar 4.2 V8, is IMO an Aston Martin engine – it has its own bespoke block, crank, rods, bearings, pistons, rings, heads, cams, valves, etc. Aston Martin clearly recognizes the importance of this to the marque, as evidenced by the DB11’s new V12 being a bespoke Aston engine. This is just as important for the V8 – using someone else’s off-the-shelf engine would skewer the credibility of the marque as a maker of top-tier thoroughbred cars. One major reason I didn’t buy a Bentley Continental is that underneath there’s a modified VW Phaeton platform and VW/Audi engines (however good they may be is completely beside the point). I won’t buy the next Conti either as it will again share platforms and engines with various other VW Group products. An “Aston Martin” with someone else’s engine is intrinsically wrong, just as a Ferrari with someone else’s engine would be intrinsically wrong.

20 February 2017
This story started life as the V8 version of the DB11 and now it's the next Vantage. Looking at the photos I am hoping it's the V8 DB11 because otherwise the new Vantage looks just the same as its more costly sibling. I thought the plan was for greater differentiation between models - this looks closer to a DB11 than the last Vantage looked to the DB9.

20 February 2017
For picking up that I'd identified it as the V8 Vantage replacement in the earlier version of the story. Respect. . You could also see how the rear bumper was really just a cover over the new bodywork. Looks that the rear overhang will be shorter still.

20 February 2017
This is simply the V8 DB11.

20 February 2017
He gets to work on the impossible task of making electric steering systems have feeling. This should not be our new Aston. Indeed at this stage there is no need for electric steering on special cars like this. We will have regular cars around for Another 10-15 years let's get to enjoy them while we can for freaks sake. Cue up another blog post on autocar about the wonders of robotics. Thanks autocar and Aston. J

21 February 2017
No way AM is going to make the Vantage look SO similar to the DB11. If their plan was to drop the AMG V8 into the DB11 somewhere in the future then it doesn't makes sense for them to make the Vantage so similar looking to the DB11 and it will also have a V8. Then the new Vantage S, which is literally a clone of the DB11 will cannibalise too much into the sales of the V8 DB11.

21 February 2017
Don't get hung up with the look of the car in these pictures. Look at the rear bumper, it's overhanging whatever the true structure of the car will be. Same with the front. But do look at how much shorter looking the car is; that's how you know it's the V8 Vantage replacement. DB11 has space for rear passengers, if they're Umpa Lumpas, but this hasn't got that space.


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