From £87,4958

Price, fuel economy and range, finance and depreciation

Before going any further into detail on hard financial numbers, perhaps the question any potential purchaser should ask themselves is this: how would you feel about waking in the morning, looking out your window and spying an Aston Martin Vantage on your drive?

The answer, we’re pretty certain, is “Very nice, thank you”; even the latest generation of Porsche 911 won’t give you the same sort of warm glow as an Aston, particularly if you’re generous to yourself when it comes to the bewildering choice of colours and trims.

Worried about economy? Don't buy an Aston Martin

That’s just as well, really, because the Vantage is not a cheap car; it’ll take only a whisker of imagination and a brief flirtation with the options list to take your bill to more than £100,000 and beyond that, you’re looking at expensive insurance premiums, and high tax bills due to its CO2 emissions being 296g/km at best.

You won’t really see Aston’s claimed combined fuel economy of around 20mpg, either; mid to high teens is more likely, so you’ll be filling the 80-litre fuel tank regularly.

And residual values aren’t as strong as they once were; there is no longer a waiting list for the Vantage, so it’s unlikely to hold its value quite as well as fresher rivals.