It seems incredible that something with supercar levels of performance and utterly peerless driver engagement can be had for as little as £39,950, and yet that’s the starting price for this latest-generation Ariel Atom.

For that money, the car does without the Ohlins dampers (£4987), the AP Racing brake kit (£2388), adjustable traction control (£1950) and the myriad other optional extras that pushed our test car’s price up to £54,307. But even for that money, this car seems like stellar value for all sorts of reasons.

Ariel doesn’t offer a PCP finance scheme, but does offer brokered access to a hire purchase deal that, after a 10% deposit, will allow you to drive an Atom 4 from £626 a month, with a £16k balloon payment after four years.

It pays to remember the fact that Ariels are as good as immune from depreciation, too; examples of the Atom 3 and 3.5 are listed on classified sites with asking prices in excess of £40,000 at five years old, which bodes very well for the ownership credentials of this latest version too.


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