New Suzuki compact crossover to arrive in 2015, other future models and planned updates revealed

It has been revealed to Autocar that Suzuki will launch a Nissan Juke-sized compact crossover in Europe in 2015.

Myriad other models and updates are planned for release in the near future. Over the next two years Suzuki will launch a new model in the Volkswagen Up segment to replace both the current Alto and Splash models, a five-door version of the Swift Sport, and all-wheel drive for the standard Swift as part of a series of mid-life changes.

Another model on the drawing board is a more spacious B-segment car, in the mould of the Nissan Note and Toyota Verso. It will be designed to compliment the Swift and address the limited rear passenger and boot space of that particular model.

Suzuki is also considering the G70 concept, formerly called the Regina, for production.

The new and as yet unnamed Juke-rivalling crossover model will be built in Suzuki's Hungary plant alongside the new SX4 S-Cross, a Nissan Qashqai-sized model that's due to launch in the UK in the autumn.

Despite the new car partly keeping the SX4 name, it is not a direct replacement as it's a bigger model; the new Juke-sized model will be the replacement for the current SX4, which is committed to be built in Hungary until the end of March 2014 at the earliest.

The new model will be built on a shortened version of the S-Cross's new platform, but it will feature a much edgier design and offer a high range of customisation. Engines are likely to mirror the S-Cross, with 1.6 petrol and diesels with the option of front- and all-wheel drive, and manual and automatic transmissions.

A planned replacement for the current Alto and Splash will launch in 2014. It will be built in Thailand, with both cars being gradually phased out next year to make way in the range for the new model that's said to offer the space of the Splash with the economy of the smaller Alto.

The mid-life facelift for the Swift will launch later this year. Four-wheel drive is the big news, with two versions offered: one a standard-looking model, and another with a fully body kit for a rugged off-road look. 

Suzuki's Swift Sport will be mechanically unchanged, but a five-door version will be added to the line-up next to the existing three-door car. 

The Grand Vitara, Jimny and Kizashi will continue in the Suzuki range unchanged, although the Jimny will need to have ESP fitted if it is not to fall foul of EU legislation.

Suzuki's sales and marketing manager, Dale Wyatt, stated that the company wanted to achieve 30,000 sales in the UK in 2013. At the end of May it had sold 14,000 cars, in what's the biggest market for the company in Europe.

"40,000 per year may be possible with the new models" said Wyatt, "but beyond that will be hard work and we don't want to make any bold claims. It's about getting things optimised."

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Suzuki SX4

The Suzuki SX4 tries to combine multiple segments and is actually much better on the road than it might appear on paper

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11 June 2013

How can this be a rival to the Nissan Joke?  It is pleasing (if a little plain) to the eyes, so the only similarity will be in the size.

11 June 2013

Come on Martin the new SX4 is not the rival for the Nissan Joke, there is going to be a new car to replace the out going SX4 that will give the Joke some real competition. The new SX4/S Cross comes here in the autumn to be a rival to the Qashgai and under the present Grand Vitara. Suzuki seem to be on a push, lets hope the so called journos actually try their vehicles instead of being badge snobs.


11 June 2013

Actually, while I think this looks alright, I also think the previous SX4 was quite a cute little car, and had slightly more "novel" styling, so it's a shame this new one isn't a bit closer in design to the original.

11 June 2013

I think the G70 / Regina could be great. I remember this concept coming out and thinking how novel it looked...retro and modern. Good news about the Swift Sport 5dr.


I drove a 2008 Swift 1.3 this morning, what a great little car! Felt very lively and fun to drive.

11 June 2013

As always Suzuki has done things their own way not down the straight and narrow. they at least try to be different. Who after all startred the whole suv style aka SX4, also the affordable 4x4 aka Viatara then Grand Vitara. Look how many other manufacturers have followed them and not the other way round.


11 June 2013

So this new Suzuki city (A-segment) car, will it be based on the Up platform?

11 June 2013

If I were Nissan, I would sue the ass off Suzuki, the new SX4 is a carbon copy of the Qashqai!

you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig

11 June 2013

Up platform is a VW group only platform. 

Suzuki not a member of thay woeful group.

The tie up has been broken.



11 June 2013

FINALLY!! ... A 4x4 supermini from Suzuki following the sad demise of the Ignis 4-Grip ... I had all but given up hope!! ...

11 June 2013

What happened with that Suzuki/VW situation in the end? Last I heard VW were threatening Suzuki....


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