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The Suzuki G70 weighs just 730kg and is the Japanese firm's idea of a global small car

The new Suzuki G70 concept, revealed at the Geneva motor show today, is the Japanese maker’s idea of a global small car.

Majoring in low weight and aerodynamics, the Suzuki G70 concept uses an 800cc turbocharged petrol motor with direct injection, a new CVT transmission, brake regeneration and auto stop-start to achieve its impressive 75mpg claimed combined economy figure.

The G70 originally debuted at last year's Tokyo motor show, where it was badged as Regina. The G70 name reflects the technology used in the car will produce CO2 emissions below 70g/km.

Weighing just 730kg, the 3.5-metre long, 1.6-metre wide G70 offers 10 per cent better aerodynamics than a Swift and showcases clever new manufacturing processes that utilise curved high-tensile steel elements to reduce the number of parts required whilst improving rigidity. Interior space is also a priority, so it gets a staggered dash to allow the passengers more space without compromising the driving position.

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Flash Harry 8 March 2012

Re: Tokyo show: Suzuki Regina

Great design from Suzuki usefully light,lets have it in production please.

Myk 1 December 2011

Re: Tokyo show: Suzuki Regina

Regina is too old,

But the sun is much older,

Still the sun with white teeth,

But Mrs R. with none,

Sun with false teeth,

Give me lobster and fame.

TegTypeR 1 December 2011

Re: Tokyo show: Suzuki Regina

Christian Galea wrote:

Don't know where they got the name from, but in Maltese 'Regina' means 'Queen'...

I shouldn't worry about where the name comes from, unfortunately we all know what it's going to be called if it does come to the UK.