Currently reading: Vauxhall to bring back VXR sub-brand as all-electric range
Performance version of the corsa-e will be followed by an upgraded Vivaro-e electric van in 2020
Steve Cropley Autocar
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18 October 2019

Vauxhall’s revival of the VXR performance sub-brand will be as an all-electric line, with a variety of bodystyles planned, according to boss Stephen Norman.

As well as a hot version of the Corsa-e, arriving first next year, there will be a VXR version of the Vivaro-e electric van in 2020. It’s expected that the VXR branding will be used on the upcoming second-generation Mokka in electric form, too.

Autocar understands the focus of the changes will initially be more on cosmetic upgrades, but handling and performance revisions could feature on some models.

The decision to go all-electric for the Corsa VXR may have ramifications for sibling firm Peugeot, which was weighing up the two powertrain choices for a GTI version of its closely linked 208 supermini.

Norman also told Autocar that he believes his company’s recent emphasis on Britishness in advertising may pay dividends if the government decides to go for a ‘hard Brexit’ at the end of the month. He described the current UK car market as “incredibly difficult” and “not just overheated but absolutely scalding” as manufacturers struggle to clear large stocks, over-ordered at the beginning of the year.

“I believe September will be the last month of normal trading as we head into Brexit,” said Norman, “and after that, things could get really hard.”

However, as he sees an opportunity to capitalise on strengthened feelings of patriotism, there is an evolution of the ‘British brand since 1903’ advertising line to reinforce the brand’s roots.


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18 October 2019

we miss you and your incredibly accurate and sensible posts...

18 October 2019
Takeitslowly wrote:

we miss you and your incredibly accurate and sensible posts...

why don't you take you playground spats elsewhere. It's as tedious as the spammers. 

18 October 2019
Takeitslowly wrote:

we miss you and your incredibly accurate and sensible posts...

We have yours now, so all's good.

18 October 2019
I miss the old GTE, GSi and SRi (showing my age now).

18 October 2019

I’m not normally a Vauxhall fan, but this looks great.  I appreciate that it is probably just Autocar’s idea of what the next Corsa will look like, but, quite frankly, I think Vauxhall should just go ahead and build it as it is.

It is an aggressive and yet also very attractive design to look at, and I believe could bring a lot of buyers back to Britain, and take a lot of sales away from VW, Skoda etc etc.

Being a smaller car it is also less likely to be used for long journeys, so would suit electrification perfectly.  I look forward to seeing this on the roads.

18 October 2019

And best of all it looks like PSA aren't letting the Vauxhall brand wither.  EV, yea go for it big time (although VXE sounds more appropriate)

18 October 2019

VXR, GSi, SRi, all meant something once. Now it looks like it will mean you have an EV with a body kit if i read that correctly. Sad

However I like the idea of an Elecric van, but cant see how its going to help Amazon get things to me more quickly if the van has a VXR bodykit on it. 


19 October 2019

 No, not really, Gti, sr, VXR , RS , these letters on a car sell cars,and with the rise of EV power they'll still be important......

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