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Kia e-Niro rival arrives in the UK early next year with EV-specific underpinnings, vRS performance model
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26 November 2020

Skoda’s first bespoke electric car, the Enyaq iV, has entered production at the firm's factory in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic, ahead of UK deliveries commencing in May. 

The first model based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB electric car platform to be built outside of Germany, the EV will be produced at a rate of up to 350 units per day. It'll go down the same production line as the combustion-engined Octavia and Karoq; the first time MEB and MQB platforms will be assembled together. 

The Enyaq iV is also the firm’s first use of the MEB platform and offers two battery capacities, rear or four-wheel drive and a vRS performance variant.

Described as “the start of a new era for Skoda” by new CEO Thomas Schäfer, the SUV has an “emotive, powerful and dynamic” exterior design. Measuring 4648mm long and 1877mm wide, it’s almost as big as the Skoda Octavia and significantly larger than the Kia e-Niro. Skoda says space inside is on a par with that of its seven-seat Kodiaq as a result.

Distinctive features include an optional LED-backlit grille with a coming/leaving home animation. The LED headlights and tail-lights perform similar displays and scrolling indicators are standard. Skoda claims the Enyaq has a drag coefficient of just 0.27 – low for an SUV.

The interior is “inspired by modern living environments”, using “natural, sustainably processed and recycled materials”. Skoda hasn’t set trim levels, choosing instead to offer “design selections”: co-ordinated interior packs available throughout the range.

The dashboard is dominated by a central 13.0in touchscreen with gesture control, an e-SIM for connected functions and a voice assistant. There’s also a 5.3in digital instrument display offering four different layouts.

This being a Skoda, a number of Simply Clever features are available, too. Storage space is boosted by a 6.2-litre ‘jumbo box’ under the centre armrest and an 11.4-litre space beneath the centre console, while charging cables live under the boot floor with a cable cleaner.

Of the rear-wheel-drive Enyaq models, the 60 iV comes with a single 177bhp motor and a 62kWh battery for a 242-mile range and a 0-62mph time of 8.7sec. The 80 iV boosts power to 201bhp and gets an 82kWh battery for a 316-mile range, with 0-62mph taking 8.5sec.

The four-wheel-drive options both have two motors and use the 82kWh battery. The 80x iV produces 262bhp for a 6.9sec 0-62mph time and has a 285-mile range. The 302bhp vRS is the only Enyaq with a top speed above 99mph, topping out at 111mph, while it can hit 62mph from rest in 6.2sec. Its range is also 285 miles.

The Enyaq is capable of rapid charging at up to 125kW, resulting in a 10-80% charge taking as little as 38 minutes. However, the maximum rate is 50kW as standard, with 100kW optional on the 62kWh battery and 125kW only optional on the 82kWh battery. Every Enyaq can also charge via a domestic socket or a 7kW wallbox.


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Prices start at £30,450 (after the £3000 government grant) for the 60 iV, which gets 19in alloy wheels, rear parking sensors and ambient lighting. 

The 80 iV costs £35,950. Standard kit includes extra chrome trim, front parking sensors, a rear-view camera, paddles for adjusting the level of regenerative braking, satnav, a driving mode selector and a heated leather wheel. Buyers can choose from three interior specifications. The cheapest, Loft, features fabric and artificial leather seat upholstery and brushed aluminium ‘decor panels’. Lounge gets light grey leather and yellow stitching for £1115, while Suite brings black leather and trim panels for £1285.

Topping the range is the Founders Edition. Priced at £46,995 (including grant), it receives 125kW charging, 21in alloy wheels, the backlit grille, Matrix LED headlights and a unique black leather interior design pack. Prices for the 80x iV and vRS haven’t yet been revealed.


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ChrisP27 27 November 2020
I have followed the arrival of the Škoda Vision iV/Enyaq over some time and must admit that I do like it,...or is it...did like it? When I showed the Vision iV to the people I work with then there was some real interest...really very attractive car with the prospect of some very interesting tech. Somebody did point out to me though that it would not look the same when it got to production...and it doesn't. It now seems confused there was a design team for the front end of the car...and another team for the rear. The front has lost the beauty of the concept car...somebody altered the 'lines', added clumsy black trim and then inserted a illuminating grill that looks to have been designed by a Danish plastic brick company. The rear, to my mind doesn't even really belong on the same is bland in the extreme...and could easily have been 'borrowed' off some Korean people carrier. I do imagine that people will buy the Enyaq, but it could...aesthetically at least, been a whole lot better.
db 26 November 2020

Looks like it has an identity crisis is it a people carier a suv estate or a hatchback as for the light up grill and led interior lights not sure skodas demographic will like it mucking with their cataracts. Can't wait to see the audi version of the light up grill the Asian glitz Market has much to answer for. Perhaps the animated grill could light up taxi for hire.

Kamelo 26 November 2020

Looks like a BMW outside AND in.

Citytiger 26 November 2020
Kamelo wrote:

Looks like a BMW outside AND in.

I agree, in the past, that might have been a good thing, but given the state of the current BMW range, its not anymore.. 

289 26 November 2020

I think Soda has done really well here, and it will sell like hell. I hear forward orders are already looking good.

I hate all this 'circus trickery' lighting, but then every brand is doing that now....if thats the only thing to make EV's interesting god help us!

BMW have changed their frontal design so much now that they now look like this Skoda - rather than the Skoda looking like a BMW. Good for Skoda though. This looks like a premium  product.

For me it sits too low to be useful (21 inch wheels will create so much tyre roar above the silence of an EV) but smaller wheels are available.

I also detest the now obligatory flat screen TV nailed to the dash. Not exactly integrated, but hey ho, seems the younger generation dont care, and I will never be buying an EV so it is all irrelevant for me.

I wish Skoda would pick more memorable naming conventions....the Yeti was a known word and had charisma. The current SUV range have totally non-memorable names which from my experience confuses the hell out of the buying public (much like Lexus RX/NX/UX). I dont think that is a good thing.

Good work Skoda, I wish you well with this.

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