Currently reading: Shock MG Cyberster four-seat coupe tipped for sale in 2025
Striking electric 2+2 could hit showrooms in time for the 60th anniversary of its MG B GT forebear

MG has channelled the spirit of the MG B GT to create a four-seat coupé version of the Cyberster - which could be in showrooms as soon as next year. 

Dubbed the Cyber GTS, it's making its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, as part of MG's starring role as the 'celebrated marque' of this year's event.

It's appearing alongside the new-generation HS SUV, the radical EXE 181 concept and an MG-themed central sculpture topped by a Cyberster and an original MG B. 

The GTS is officially a concept for now, but the company's top designers, Jozef Kaban and Carl Gotham, said public reaction to the running prototype will decide whether MG takes it to the showroom. 

Importantly, they said, the Cyberster was engineered from the off to be available as a convertible and a coupé, and the GTS is understood to be very close to what a road-ready car would look like - barring some tweaks to the boot lid and other subtle alterations. 

The interior hasn't been revealed, but it would be all but identical to that of the roadster, save for the addition of a pair of rear seats that MG suggests will genuinely accommodate two passengers (rather than being best used as a luggage shelf). 

The roofline has been raised slightly to boost head room in the rear row, but otherwise the GTS is structurally unchanged from the Cyberster, with the same footprint, wheelbase and general proportions. 

Pressed for a potential launch date, MG's designers were tight-lipped, although they noted that 2025 will be the 60th anniversary of the B GT, which was launched two years after the B, suggesting a modern reincarnation could be a fitting tribute.

Ex-Volkswagen designer Kaban, speaking to reporters for the first time as vice-president of MG parent company SAIC's global design centre, said that while the GTS would serve as a logical successor to the B GT, it isn't a nostalgia-fuelled project.


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"You cannot just make retro cars. You cannot just copy and improve. You always have to find something new," he said. "MG does this very well with electric cars."

He said it was important "not to make any kind of compromise" when designing the fixed-roof GTS, highlighting the retention of the Cyberster's scissor doors as a particular highlight. 

He told Autocar that while the GTS is a wildly different proposition to MG's volume-focused line of hatchbacks and SUVs, he expects the concept to still "talk to a big amount of people", because "we have many rational things in our life but we need some special moments". 

Crucially, though, it has been designed with accessibility in mind: "We are not trying to make a super-sports car to satisfy a certain amount of people. We would like to open up, as MG always did, to a big audience."

In line with that more ethos, the GTS has been designed to be approachable and unthreatening - more as a grand tourer than a full-blown sports coupé.

"There are many sports cars which are under too much tension," explained Kaban. "They feel like they're going to explode any second. But here it's about taking time. You know you can drive quickly, but you can enjoy the time as well. You can stop time." 

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With the coupé project yet to be green-lit, there is no word on projected pricing, but the Cyberster starts at £55,000 in 335bhp rear-motor guise and £60,000 with 503bhp from two motors, and the GTS could be expected to be priced roughly in line with that. 

The prototype is said to be rear-driven, though. 

Just as the Cyberster stands largely uncontested in the electric convertible segment (barring the much more expensive Maserati Grancabrio Folgore), the Cyber GTS could be the first EV of its kind to go on sale.

The BMW M2 is the only similarly sized and priced 2+2 coupé currently on sale, and it isn't in line for an EV option in the immediate future.

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KeithS 11 July 2024

What a fantastic looking car with a dose of practicality thrown in.

Such a contrast to the oh so boring EV SUV's that seems to be alp that is available. Just contrast the Cyberster GTS to the new reinvention of Ford's new Capri. SAIC/MG a forward thinking company that is brave enough to try the market with the new Cyberster Convertible and I sincerely hope this new brilliant looking coupe, and the dull offering of Ford.

Let's all hope this car becomes the reality it deserves to be next year!

Anton motorhead 11 July 2024
Another bold and smart move from MG. Of course it has nothing to do with MGs of yore, but who else makes a good looking EV convertible and coupe. Now, if only the two Cybersters were made in Britain....
ianp55 11 July 2024

It's really incredible how far SAIC/MG have come in such a short time,think that that the coupe 2+2 version of the Cyberstar looks even better than the convertible. Just one question are the scissor doors reatain on this?   

NickS 11 July 2024

There's nothing little about it. It's a 2-ton cruise mobile with nothing sporting other than straight line performance.

NickS 11 July 2024

How far have they come? It weighs 2 tons, it's not great to drive, has limited range and the only reason it's not more expensive is because the CCP subsidises it.

Sporky McGuffin 11 July 2024

You've already driven one?

NickS 11 July 2024

it's the same as the convertible, and all the media say it's not sporty. It's also a 2-ton EV, so do you expect it to drive like an Mx5?