Currently reading: Renault Koleos axed in UK for ‘commercial reasons’
Renault drops flagship SUV from British line-up just three years after relaunching the name

Renault has axed the Koleos SUV from its UK model line-up just three years after it first went on sale, the company has confirmed. 

The model remains available to order on Renault’s website, but production of UK models will cease at the end of this month. A spokesman told Autocar the decision is “due to commercial reasons that align with Renault UK’s policy of offering the most suitable vehicles in the UK market for our customers”. It remains on sale in other markets, however. 

The Koleos, reintroduced in 2017 following poor sales of the first-generation car, sits above the relatively popular Kadjar in Renaults line-up. It is based on the Nissan X-Trail - as part of the Alliance platform sharing plan - but unlike that car, the Koleos is only available with five seats.  Just 1007 examples were registered in the UK throughout 2019. 

Earlier this year, Renault announced a wide-reaching cost-cutting plan that will lead to the loss of more than 15,000 jobs, sparked by the major impact of the pandemic on finances and the need to invest heavily in electrification.

The brand will reduce its production levels over time, chasing profit over volume, and aim to develop “strategic business areas”.

As part of the restructuring, unconfirmed reports suggest a number of previously core models will not live beyond their current generation. The Koleos is one example, with the Mégane hatchback, Europe-only Talisman saloon and Espace and Renault Scenic MPVs also rumoured for the chop.

A Renault UK spokesman told Autocar that the decision to axe the Koleos was not linked to the restructuring announcement, however, and was strictly based on the model's modest sales. 


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Riley 1.5 3 July 2020

Perhaps not the most popular?

In an area where SUV's and crossovers seem to be everywhere, there's one Koleos and that's driven by a football manager and is sponsored by a dealer in Angus so it's not like he's had to part with his cash. Still, at least the dealer shifted one!

Andrew1 2 July 2020

They should buy the rights to

They should buy the rights to use a "British" badge in the UK. That's what sells in this market. Give Opel a call, ask them how they've done it.
TStag 2 July 2020

Andrew1 wrote:

Andrew1 wrote:

They should buy the rights to use a "British" badge in the UK. That's what sells in this market. Give Opel a call, ask them how they've done it.

There's some truth in that. Renault has always felt like a weak badge in the UK. It's never really been a big seller and only ever done OK. 

Honda are in a similar boat. I wonder how differently it would have turned out for them had they simply bought Rover?

xiponed710 2 July 2020

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QuestionEverything 14 July 2020

Since you're earning so much

Since you're earning so much money you can be the one person that will buy a Renault Koleos & you can stick your two kids in the back & drive off to Spamville & visit your imaginary friend.