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Lower-slung Range Rover and Jaguar's battery-powered saloon may still debut in 2020
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17 September 2020

Jaguar Land Rover bosses have confirmed the existence of an electric Range Rover – and revealed that it and the upcoming electric Jaguar XJ have been delayed by spending cuts during the pandemic.

According to the transcript of a conference call with investors seen by Autocar, JLR’s chief financial officer Adrian Mardell said the two EVs will be revealed in October and November, instead of their planned unveilings in August and September.

The two cars will be based on JLR’s all-new MLA architecture and will be siblings under the skin. Very little is known about the battery-electric Range Rover, but it’s expected to be slightly lower in profile than the Velar, if a similar length. The two cars will be built at the retooled Castle Bromwich plant. Mardell also spoke of a mystery new product described as “MLA MID”, which has also been delayed.

Mardell told investors that engineering work on the next-generation Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models (both MLA-based) wasn’t paused during the lockdown. Work on the Defender 90 also continued unhindered. During the call, one investor representing an international bank questioned Mardell on JLR’s plans to cut investment on future models, with a new figure of £3 billion nearly £1bn lower than in earlier plans.

Mardell described the £3bn investment as “more the kind of level going forward” and hinted that JLR planners had reduced the number of derivatives of future models to save money. Depending on the state of the global market, more future derivatives could also be culled, according to the transcript.

Mardell also disclosed that JLR’s business was being re-engineered – helped by the switch to a single platform – to thrive on volumes of slightly less than 500,000 units per year.

Before Covid-19 hit, JLR was selling around 550,000 vehicles annually, Mardell said. He also claimed that he could see the company growing sales through 550,000 and on to 600,000 units annually, hinting that JLR would be highly profitable at that level. Describing the new Defender as a [sales] “game changer”, with new versions in the pipeline, Mardell said JLR “had ambitions” for annual Defender sales to hit 100,000.


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Mardell’s presentation also revealed that JLR’s warranty costs fell by a massive £107m year on year in the second quarter of this sales year.


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17 September 2020

with this news and the revised interiors we saw a couple of days ago JLR appear to be getting on the front foot at last. Get the reliabilty and customer experience right and we could have more good news. Covid fear focusing the minds? 


17 September 2020

Where does this JLR 'someones Elephant sat on the roof of my car' look end......with drivers not actually able to see out - relying wholly on cameras?

Each designer iteration gets crazier with ever madder wheel to body ratio.

For my part, I like to take in the view and also be able to see who is around me, not to mention being able to get in the car without hitting my head.

I also wonder how, in an accident, you would get out of an inverted car if the doors couldnt be easily opened.

17 September 2020
289 wrote:

For my part, I like to take in the view and also be able to see who is around me

It's all about fashion and I hate it.

After a decade or so of crazy crease lines it's now all about panel bulges.

The shoulder line / window sill getting higher & higher and the roofline getting lower & lower means that the height of window glass is now drastically reduced (difficult to see out, claustrophobic cabin) which means that with the window winded fully down the bottom of the window barely reaches half way down the door, which in turns means that designers can shape the bottom half of the door in whatever way they like. 

It's unfortunate that all choose to turn in the panel (ie. make it concave) and give the car a dented look. This is becoming a dead-end cliche. My only hope is that this pointless gesture copied from design to design won't last a decade like those unsightly BMW-like crease lines.

17 September 2020

visited a Jaguar main dealer, with an issue on a 14 plate mk1 XF, the soft closing boot wasnt soft closing by itself, I spoke to the senior service manager to discuss the fault, and he said, "sorry, I dont really know about that, its before my time, I have only been with JLR for 4 years and with Jaguar for 12 months", it didnt really fill me with confidence, if the service manager didnt know stuff about vehicles that only went out of production a couple of years ago.

These are the areas JLR need to concentrate on if they are going to win back customer confidence, and get repeat sales, but, hey the showroom had lovely shiny floors and served nice coffee, the manager wanted a fee of £196 to diagnose the fault, before he could give me an estimate of how much it would cost to fix, I didnt bother, its something I can live without.   

17 September 2020
Lucid with their 500 mile range will be in the market next year and if Jag wants to export to USA, the luxury market is going to be tougher than it is now

17 September 2020
JLR should cancel both the Discovery and Discovery Sport. The new Defender pretty much makes the Discovery obsolete. Use Dicovery resources on electric models AND IMPROVING QUALITY. They've been trying to do too much lately. Better to have one beautifully baked cake than half a dozen half baked cakes.

17 September 2020

They've been trying since I was a kid, and that was 35 years ago. Citytiger sums up the people I know's experience of their service, but I assume there are good and bad dealers just with other marques.

Too many variants standing on each other's feet. Missing the boat for EVs big time, and they're too heavy, have way too high emissions, are over engineered for purpose (not in the reliability sense clearly) and desperately need cash. Wonder what the Defender sales are, and how much it steals sales from the rest of the range?

Jaguar must be close to being completely unviable (maybe E and F Pace keeps them afloat?), and LR/RR are so far out of step with legislation coming for reduced CO2 and ICE bans it's not funny. I hope they have something EV and lighter hidden that they're going to spring on us because a lot of jobs are on the line.

I-Pace fine, but more than expensive for what it is as the only EV.

17 September 2020

I wonder whether the warranty cost reduction of £107m in Q2 was a result of not being able to get to a dealer, rather than improving quality.

17 September 2020

Based on my experience of 11 months with an I-Pace. I would say JLR are doing a good job with their build quality, reliability and customer service.  The interior design and quality of materials in my previous F-Pace have been addressed in the newly updated model.  JLR appear to be listening to their customers and heading in the right direction.    

17 September 2020
Get everything else right and there's no reason why you shouldn't reach the numbers you seek.
Great designs guys!


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