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US firm opens pre-order books for its Tesla-baiting pick-up, available with hydrogen or pure-electric powertrains
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29 June 2020

Nikola Motors, the American hydrogen-fuel-cell truck maker that's just made a dramatic debut on the stock market, will today begin taking pre-orders for its Badger pick-up.

The start-up, described as the Tesla of the truck world, went public earlier this month and has since surged in value. Around a week after the flotation, the Arizona-based firm was trading with a value of more $28.8 billion (£22.6bn) - higher than Ford and more than double the market cap of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. 

The company, based in Arizona, recently revealed that its fuel-cell pick-up truck will be called the Badger. Pre-orders for the model open today (29 June), and it will be officially unveiled at the company's annual Nikola World event on 4 December, to which customers pre-ordering a Badger will be invited.

Nikola founder Trevor Milton claims showgoers will "get to see a real operating truck, not a fake show truck" that will have "stamped metal panels" and a "functioning interior". It's assumed that these declarations are an oblique reference to the Tesla Cybertruck, which was unveiled last year.

Like Nikola's heavy goods trucks, which are yet to enter production, the Badger offers a choice of powertrains. It can be supplied as a conventional battery EV with a claimed range of 300 miles or it can be powered by a 120kW hydrogen fuel cell for a range said to be double that of the BEV. 

Nikola claims the 5.89m-long Badger can put out 894bhp peak (or 449bhp continuously) and 980lb ft of torque. That translates to a quoted 0-60mph time of 2.9sec and a promised towing capacity of more than 3600kg. 

The bad news is that the Badger is currently not expected to be offered outside of North America. No delivery date has been set for the model.


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10 June 2020

 Truck, what is a Truck, pickup nowadays?, is it a do all workhorse?, or a recreational Vehicle?, why do we need a Truck with Supercar baiting acceleration?, ok, I sort of half get it, but, it's still a Truck.

11 June 2020

The rate at which the hydrogen revolution's momentum increases is astonishing.  Some serious progress being made now.  The future is here, and we're alive to see it!  What a world!

10 June 2020

A car company that has never made a car or truck and won't be for 2 years is worth more than Ford.

10 June 2020

Maybe they ll take over Tesla one day and we ll get a company called "NikolaTesla".

10 June 2020
Their valuation is based on hype, zero-cash-down deposits and lack of scrutiny into any of their claims.
On top of it all their founder/CEO is amazingly talented at not giving straight answers, boasting and media manipulation.
Oh yeah, and once the company went public, he retired from being the CEO. Why would that be?

10 June 2020

After Tesla, naming a car company Nikola means its management has no imagination. The same applies to Faraday Future. It brings great doubts about these manufacturers' future.

10 June 2020

I'm going to announce a new car powered by a cold fusion flux capacitor which does 0-60 in 1 second and runs on fairy dust. £1 trillion flotation value - queue here for a prospectus, won't be this cheap for long!

10 June 2020
Nickktod wrote:

I'm going to announce a new car powered by a cold fusion flux capacitor which does 0-60 in 1 second and runs on fairy dust. £1 trillion flotation value - queue here for a prospectus, won't be this cheap for long!

I want in!

10 June 2020

The problem with you Brits is that you have no sense of entrepreunership or risk-taking. You give up too easily. Look at your Dyson man, he gives up just because it was getting a bit harder and it was gonna cost him some money. A coward. You guys need more vision and some guts for gods sakes.

29 June 2020
FRI2 wrote:

The problem with you Brits is...

...that we can't actually be viewed as a homogenous group, each and every one a clone of each and every other. Which makes your lazy xenophobic post rather laughable.

It must be awfully embarrassing for you to realise that you posted that load of codswallop.


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