The new Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS

Fast, usable, temptingly priced and huge fun to drive, the new Focus RS isn’t just the affordable driver’s car of the moment, it’s also probably the best


Ford Taurus

Even though Ford’s flagship saloon is not sold in Europe, the Ford Taurus shows how far apart the US and European interpretations of ‘sporting’ are at the moment

Ford Mustang

Ford’s inbound American hot rod handles British roads well enough, but leaves tyre marks across your imagination either way


Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Pricier but thoroughly updated Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 packs the power to justify the Shelby tag, but also offers accessibility and a dynamic edge

Ford Escort

Ford's Escort nameplate returns on this only-for-China saloon. Does it continue Ford's tradition of building sharp-handling cars?


Formula Ford EcoBoost

Even though it remains a technical exercise at the moment, this racing EcoBoost proves what a joy small-capacity racing engine can be


Ford S-Max

Can the new S-Max retain its title as the driver's seven-seater?

Collins Performance pack costs a £2965 premium

Ford Fiesta ST3 CP3 Performance Pack

Collins Performance has given the Fiesta ST 270bhp and 265lb ft, but has our favourite fast Ford been ruined in the process?

The popular Ford Focus in 1.5 TDCi Zetec form
The standout component of the Ford Focus has always been its handling

Ford Focus

Britain's biggest-selling family hatchback gets a mid-life refresh

The fourth-generation Mondeo is an all-new car

Ford Mondeo Estate

Is the Mk4 version of Ford's family car ready to take on the world?

Ford Mondeo Titanium 180PS

Ford Mondeo

The new Ford Mondeo majors on space, equipment and value - with a little less dynamic verve than we're used to

From £19,9958
Ford Grand Tourneo Connect
The Grand Tourneo has conventional doors at the front, sliding doors to the rear and a roof-mounted tailgate

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

Van-style space above a Focus chassis: is this the best of both worlds?

This 1.0-litre powered Fiesta special replaces the current 1.6-litre Zetec S

Ford Fiesta Black Edition

A punchy and efficient 1.0-litre engine makes for an entertaining junior hatchback

Ford Transit first drive review
Power for the new Transit comes from a 2.2-litre turbodiesel that's offered in a range of outputs

Ford Transit

Leading-edge tech and superb refinement and load-carrying capabilities ensure the Ford Transit remains the UK’s biggest seller

The first-generation Ford EcoSport
The EcoSport is a front-engined, front-wheel-drive compact crossover

Ford EcoSport

Fiesta-based crossover faces stiff competition. Is it up to the task?

Ford Tourneo Connect
The Tourneo Connect, left, is the five-seater; on the right is the Grand Tourneo Connect which is available with seven seats

Ford Tourneo Connect

The new Ford Tourneo Connect is a practical and flexible family MPV

The Mountune upgrade consists of a few choice tweaks, including an ECU remap

Ford Fiesta ST Mountune

Added high-rev fireworks make this fast Ford Fiesta even more compelling. Awesome-value option on awesome-value car

Ford Fiesta ST
Can the Fiesta ST be one of the great fast Fords?

Ford Fiesta ST

The popular hatchback gets the hot ‘ST’ treatment

Ford Kuga
Ford's targeting a class above with its bigger Kuga

Ford Kuga

The new, second-generation Ford Kuga sets a new sporting benchmark among crossovers

From £21,6508
This four-cylinder Focus feels lighter at the front than its five-pot predecessor

Ford Focus ST

The Ford Focus ST has gained a new four-pot motor, but does it have what it takes to gun for the Golf GTI?

B-Max's unique construction means it doesn't need conventional B-pillars

Ford B-Max

The Ford B-Max people-carrier introduces a novel pillarless door system, accessible space and a strong petrol engine into the supermini class

The Mountune kit is a dealer-fit tuning pack which doesn't affect the vehicle's warranty

Ford Fiesta Zetec S Mountune 140

Mountune's approved performance upgrade transforms the Ford Fiesta Zetec S from a very good car into a thrilling one

From £15,8559
A range-topping 237bhp Ecoboost engine gives the S-Max hot-hatch levels of performance

Ford S-Max 2006-2014

The Ford S-Max a highly accomplished car but it needs to be cheaper

From £23,0508
The Kuga is more about perception and image than harsh reality

Ford Kuga 2008-2013

The Ford Kuga provides everything you’d expect of a soft-roader, but some crossovers are cheaper

A big seller is the 113bhp 1.6-litre diesel in Zetec trim.

Ford Focus 2011-2014

Can the Ford Focus capture the hearts and minds of hatchback buyers?

From £13,7858
Ford Fiesta
Fiestas sold in Europe are ostensibly the same as those sold in America and Asia

Ford Fiesta

The seventh-generation Ford Fiesta is the UK's best selling car, helped by frugal engines, handling verve and a big car feel

From £9,7158
The Ranger might appear to have blunt styling, but it is surprisingly aerodynamic

Ford Ranger

Can the Ford Ranger, the brand's new global pick-up, satisfy a more refined palate?

From £14,7537
The C-Max continues to be based on Ford's C-segment platform, which underpins the Focus

Ford C-Max

The Ford C-Max MPV is as much fun to drive as it is easy to live with

From £17,4308
Ford Ka
The Ford Ka lacks the sparkle of the original model

Ford Ka

The Ford Ka is the sister car to the Fiat 500, but is it more appealing than the funky Italian?

From £8,8656
The Ford Mondeo is a well developed all-rounder that shines with its handling and finish

Ford Mondeo 2007-2014

The Ford Mondeo is a fine car in most areas. The family hatch is still a class leader even as its replacement nears

From £17,8508
The Galaxy no longer has anything in common with the Volkswagen Sharan

Ford Galaxy

The Ford Galaxy is a seven-seat MPV that's surprisingly easy to place on the road, despite its size. It isn't cheap though.

From £25,3008
Despite having seven seats, the Grand C-Max is only 140mm longer than the standard C-Max

Ford Grand C-Max

The Ford Grand C-Max is a practical and small seven seat MPV that's offers a surprisingly entertaining drive

From £19,5509

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