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We look at some of the best metal that will hit the streets

Over the course of the year, we’ve listed all of the biggest model launches for 2023. But now there's just one month left.

There's still a stream of interesting metal coming though, ranging from electric cars to super-luxury yachts, via a couple of MPVs.

Below are the final few new models that you can expect to see in a showroom near you before you will need to switch to our new cars of 2024 article – or, if you would like to see the cars coming from 2025 and beyond, read our future cars piece.

Cars arriving in December 2023

BYD Seal

This Tesla Model 3 rival is set to arrive in the UK before the end of the year as part of Chinese firm BYD’s bid for a slice of the burgeoning electric car market. It’s priced from £44,990, which nets you a single-motor model with lots of kit, 308bhp and a range of 354 miles. 

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Lexus LM

Lexus has responded to the burgeoning popularity of luxury minivans – many imported from Japan – by bringing the next-generation LM to the UK. In four-seat configuration, it effectively serves as a mobile executive lounge, with two massaging thrones in the back facing a whopping 48in screen.

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Volkswagen ID 7 

Volkswagen’s answer to the Tesla Model S will arrive later this year, priced from around £50,000. That nets you a 77kWh battery pack that, combined with an efficient new rear motor producing 282bhp, gives a range of 382 miles. Deliveries are expected to begin in December, following production delays as Volkswagen scaled back EV production.

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Rolls-Royce Spectre 

Just as important as the Mini, its BMW Group stablemate – albeit much more exclusive and, ahem, a touch heftier – is the third EV to enter series production in the UK: the Rolls-Royce Spectre. Tipping the scales at a hair under three tonnes but capable of matching a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 to 62mph, this 577bhp coupé promises to be one of the most beguiling and technologically impressive cars of the modern era. It draws its energy from a mammoth 120kWh battery, good for a claimed 323 miles between charges. It’s also one of the most aero-efficient cars around and the stiffest car the firm has put into production so far. The most advanced Rolls-Royce since FAB 1? It should well be, given its £275,000 price.

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Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB

Volkswagen’s retro-futuristic minivan finally gets the seven-seat layout it deserves, stretching the regular version by 250mm to shoehorn in the third row. A larger, 85kWh battery option should boost range beyond the 258 miles of the standard 77kWh car, but it's likely to weigh more and be slightly less efficient as a result. Deliveries will start by the end of the year. 

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catnip 15 October 2023

Nice to see such a wide selection of 'affordable' cars, ie under £20,000, not the motoring journalists' definition.

Bob Cholmondeley 6 January 2023

The Ugly Stick really has pushed the boat out, with the new BMW 7-series. Hopefully the new electric concept is indicative of better things to come.

RTPL 22 February 2022

Probably due to budget but the only cars on this list that are of interest are the electric Mini, MG3 and Ora cat. Unsurprisingly they are all electric too. All the "exotic" cars just feel a little old hat/old technology to be honest.

On another point where oh where are the new electric fords? Will Stellantis,Renault/Nissan be on 2nd or 3rg gen by the time Ford really hit the market?